akashik.networks has altered our feature lists for most of our plans in a move to increase customer's value for money by hosting with us. Below is the updated feature lists for both account size and data transfer. Most plans have also had their database, subdomain and mailing list quotas increased. There has been no price increase on any plans, and we have no plans to ever do so (in fact many prices were lowered several months ago).

Mini Plan
$7.95 a month
50 megabytes space
2000 meg transfer
5 Email Addresses
0 subdomains

Basic Plan
$9.95 a month
100 megabytes space
5000 meg transfer
10 Email Addresses
5 subdomains

Economy Plan
$12.95 a month
200 megabytes space
7000 meg transfer
20 Email Addresses
10 subdomains

Budget Plan
$17.95 a month
300 megabytes space
9000 meg transfer
40 Email Addresses
15 subdomains

Commerce Plan
$25.95 a month
400 megabytes space
12000 meg transfer
60 Email Addresses
20 subdomains

Professional Plan
$39.95 a month
1000 megabytes space
15000 meg transfer
1000 Email Addresses
30 subdomains

Full plan comparison chart is available at:

About akashik.networks:

akashik.net is a privately own and funded web hosting business. Running at profit since inception we continue to build strong growth and maintain high customer retention levels though careful planning and high levels of customer service. This level of attention of detail stems from our origins as a web development business, devoted to getting people's businesses on the net since 1995. (pre- akashik.net)

In 2000 we expanded to offer direct webhosting and have been operating as such for over 2 years. By working closely with customers on a daily basis we've been able to hone our support levels to a level where they've become the cornerstone of our business.

akashik.net servers are located at the datacenter of Net Access Corp. (NAC).

"NAC maintain one of the largest and most fault tolerant networks in the region, composed of a full mesh of OC3 (155 Megabit) and OC12 (622 Megabit) links throughout our coverage area." They "connect to Internet backbones at our redundant data centers in Northern NJ and NYC, linking directly to most of the major networks, including Sprint, UUNET, Cable & Wireless, PSI, AOL, Level 3, Genuity, and many others. Network infrastructure is maintained by our Network Operations Center (NOC) in Parsippany, NJ, which is staffed by our experienced technicians, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." (from the Net Access website)
Enquiries are welcome, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Moore