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    What happend to

    Does anybody here have any information as to what happend to this hosting companY? They said they were moving servers two weeks ago. Everything was ok, I experienced some down time. All of a sudden last week my site went completely offline and has been offline since. What does this actually mean? Did they go out of business or something or is it possible that they are having technical difficulties. I hope they didn't go out of business.

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    The only problem is hosts can't respond to your request in this forum. Maybe you should edit your post to reflect the "Whatever happened to . . . " thing and then put your request in the Web Hosting Requests Forum.

    Just a suggestion.

    And; no. I don't know if they're still around or not.
    But, a little word of advice; don't choose your next host if their phone number is listed as 111-111-1111 in the whois.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    I don't know if they are

    still around or not, but if you want someone to respond to your request it will have to go in the request forum.

    But a quick suggestion if you get 5 domains hosted and all that for $4.95 a month you will always run the risk of your host going out of business. Not many can survive long term selling a package like that for $4.95 a month.


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    They screwed me with $ 2,998.57

    Can't wait to visit Chicago!!!!


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    Tell more

    curious minds want to know.

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    well I found this and e-mailed their live person's link today. I'm trying everything possible to find out who they really are. I went to and searched and it says that they are placed in teh bbb. If they are here comes a joint lawsuit by all users like no other....good thing I live in chicago . But they said they were moving, could moving cause such a problem that sites are down for over a week?

    EDIT: Just noted that the link doesn't work. Go to google. Search for curvnet. Find the curvnet link. Underneath is a cached page of their site. Click it and you can TRY contact them through don't give up.
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