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    Reviews needed for design

    All comments and suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    I think I may have reviewed this site before.....have you posted it for review previously??

    Anyway, I thought it was very nice.......probably one of the better examples I have seen.........Clean, complete, easy to use blah blah.......

    only thing I would recommend is to use a more attractive server image.....

    very nice......


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    Yeah I posted it before, but never got much response. Thanks for your replies. Any certain images you recomend?

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    My first reaction, looks very good. My second reaction, looks like all the rest. If that's what you want, then 2 thumbs up. If not, then only 1.

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    It looks pretty good, however, there is room for improvement.

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    Site looks really good...but yeah it looks like all other hosting sites.
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    Yeah, that was what I was going for, a hosting site lol

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    Well, it does look like a hosting site. Mission accomplished, right?

    Yes, I too remember seeing this site posted before. From what I recall, you had more comments on the actual name "Earhost" than on the design itself.

    Regarding the design, I'll have to agree, it's a nice clean design. One thing, though. you have orange in the header but nowhere else on the page. Perhaps add it as an accent color somewhere on the page.

    Suggestion: Since "Easy. Affordable. Reliable" is an extrapolation of "E.A.R.", maybe make the first letter of each of the three words orange. That would add some accent color, and also perhaps make the significance of the 3 words more obvious. Visitors may not pick up on the acronym.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks alot. I will take a look at that

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