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    Need feedback on the GP-Host site.

    Hello All,

    Hope you're doing well. I run a small hosting division called GP-Host located at It's been up and running since November, 2001. I'm just looking for some feedback on this simple site. We plan to build a new image in the coming months so your critique on this site as is will benefit us now and in the future with our new design. Your advice will also help our conversion rate.

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    Hi there,
    I thought the site was quite good. I liked the header and the use of color.
    The home page could probably do with a bit more info about the service that you offer.......
    Also, consider developing a logo. Currently the gp-host text is just sitting in the header. It would look much better with a logo, not to mention the benefits that can be obtained from effective branding.......
    The rest of the site is fairly easy to use, although there are a lot of tables on the hosting page.....This could be simplified by listing featuers common to all packages:: just an alternative to including too many tables, especially the ones that dont really serve much purpose as every box is ticked anyway......
    Also a faq would be nice. Many visitors really heavily on this

    Your advice will also help our conversion rate
    ok, I will only collect a 30% commission......

    cheers and good luck

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