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    * Portfolios of my work; one piece in particular


    I have been doing some work on web designs lately, and I think I have produced some good work. I have alot of projects still unfinished on my computer but these are portfolios I hav completed and establised a screen shot of them;

    One design in particular i would like yous to concentrate on is my newsest design. I am very please with it, and hopefully I will get a buyer for it;

    I would appreciate <<(typo?!) if yous could give me rating out of my work, particularly the Technical Hosting one. I am also open for offers.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    All of your site look really good. You can tell the same guy did them though cuz they all have the same look and feel.

    As far as the version54 Technical Hosting goes though, I really like it. It has the look of a control panel and I think that's neat. Although the text under each image is kinda hard to read!

    but good work!
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