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    which managed dedicated server would you recommend??

    hello guys!

    I need to change servers asap as my current web hosting is full of crap coz it's dreamhost and they are full of it. Site has been down nearly 3 times a week, yes terrible. But i guess the traffic of my site has had an effect.

    I need some recommendation on an affordable managed sever maybe around the 100-200 range or maybe more. I don't really know how to manage my own server.

    This is the current load of my site.
    12-14K daily uniques
    11-14g bandwidth per day
    19g of hard drive space

    What i need:
    supports SQL and PHP
    Cpanel(or equivlaent)
    able to support traffic in the 40k region or more
    reliable and good customer service
    bandwidth 1T +

    My site has been down since 1 today. My earning are depreciating quickly loosing like 60 bucks of potential profit. So i guess i will be willing to pay more for a good manage host.

    thanks a lot guys

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    Why not just get a dedicated server with a company like LayeredTech and get to manage it for you?

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    Or Softlayer with PSM managing it for you.

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    392 is a managed server company with a great reputation.
    You can do a search at WHT

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    Getting a third-party management service on top of unmanaged provider would likely be more expensive than approaching a capable host who would be more than willing to do management services along with a server. There are a good number of servers between the 100 & 200 range, many of which can handle your requirements. Your best bet would be to first ask yourself what exactly is the specs of the server you desire and then you'll be able to narrow your list down very fast. I'd also recommend considering where you want the server to be. Is your target audience in any particular area?

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    I recommended Liquid Web, You won't have to pay another company to do the management for you, they own the data center and most of the times can get to your computer.

    Also they offer PHONE SUPPORT, which is very important when you have emergencies, most of the times they will fix the problem right there with you on the phone.
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