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    Business Filling in Canada

    Anyone know a good affordable business filling company for Canadian business? Thanks.

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    Filing? Quest que cest?


    I operate a business in Toronto.
    What do you mean by filling?


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    Re: Filing? Quest que cest?

    Originally posted by daugustine

    I operate a business in Toronto.
    What do you mean by filling?


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    do it yourself

    We did our own. If you have a simple business structure (i.e. only one or two share holders) and are not dealing with anything over a million in assets and/or long term liability, I would just roll your own.

    We picked up the forms at the Dye & Durham at the business office filled it out there and then. Did a name search at a paralegal office in the same building and had it all done the same day. If you're only registering a numbered company and a trade name you don't even need the name search (just if you want to use the Yourname Incorporated or some variation thereof).

    My advise for folks registering businesses... keep it simple. Of course if you've already worked it into the budget there are lots of business lawyers who can do it for you.

    I could recommend Howard Rash at Panterra Offshore in Toronto (I think he's still doing that sort of thing). Tell him Dennis sent ya'

    Good luck


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    You could also get a lawyer to do it for you. We paid about $800 for the whole process. About any lawyer can do Incorporation for you. We are in the Toronto-area.
    Kaumil P.

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