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    Reliable Statistics on Web Hosting Industry

    I am looking for reliable statistics on the web hosting industry. I need to reference source however, any feedback is welcome. Generally, I am looking for;

    * number of companies that provide web hosting services (primarily interested in USA based but International would be ok)

    * composite desciption of these business, by size, market share, revenue, employees, customers etc

    * any references to directories that list largest by name etc etc.

    There seems to be no SIC classification for this industry. Gales Encyclopedia of Associations list one association but it appears defunct. Department of Commerce has not been helpful.

    I am runing out of ideas. I am willing to talk to related industries such as Web Designers to try and get some idea of size and composition of the market. I believe there are some reputable associations of web designers but the groups input on best associations would be helpful.

    I am not really interested in ISP as there is wealth of info on these but seem to be dominated by either large national services or small mom and pops that are just resellers of others services.

    Any assistance or guidance to sources of information would be helpful.

    I would be willing to share results with those that share their knowledge with me or with group in general.

    Please feel free to post, IM or email direct at [email protected]

    Thanks in advance
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    I would recommend contacting netcraft. As much as I know they have some of it.

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