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    Question ipchains

    I have installed ipchains on a server and followed the setup on I do have some questions:

    1. When does one add something to the chainrules file? Is there anywhere that one can go to find more ip addresses to deny?

    2. Does ipchains go onto all RaQ servers, regardless if they are dns servers, mail servers, or just servers?

    3. Is the section,
    **#allow gateway
    ipchains -A input -i eth0 --source -j ACCEPT really

    necessary as it already exists under the previous data section? Also, is okay to delete the two astericks?

    4. How do you know if it is working or not working?
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    I'd recommend you to read all the man pages for ipchains..
    "man ipchains"
    Because IPchains is not something you should use "learn while test" way.
    For now, I could say ipchains -L would give you the denied and accepted policies which you can make sure if it is running or not.

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