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    Requesting review of by WHT folks

    Hi all. Looking for the good, the bad, and suggestions for:

    Thanks much!

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    With no headings and with the 'recommend us' on top, it just doesn't feel right...

    maybe put the recommend us somewhere else and put the 'We want to be your host, hosting the future - yours and ours.' on top.

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    Hey, thanks, that's a great suggestion re our slogan.

    Regarding placement of the slogan, did you mean put it directly underneath the main header and site navigation?

    If you have any suggestions for additional headers, I'd love to hear them.

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    Hi there,
    the site is ok, but it has a mid 90's feel to it.....

    Some fundamental things that may help you out:::

    1)home page:: There is too much text. The home page should be short and sweet. Deliver just the key points to the visitor without them having to even concentrate. A few quick bullet points can generally do that.......I personally would not really read through that much text.....

    2) Organisation of content::
    Throughout your site the content has not been delivered in the most efficient way.....For example, the hosting page lists the plans, then some logos and banners and then the other details which are important to hosting....It is better to group related information together, rather than putting logos and banners throughout......

    cheers and good luck

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    As said b4 to much txt. It also seems a little "blury".
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    All I have is a first impression cuz I just took a quick peek at the main page. But too much text and not enough color variation and images possibly.
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    Forgive the long post, but I'm trying to gain as much as I can from these reviews.

    First of all: Thanks to all that have visited thus far. I very much appreciate your having taken time to have a look-see, to comment and make suggestions.

    Note re the home page: in researching sell methods and better approaches to gaining good search indexing and engine placement, I've read repeatedly that one of the most common mistakes is to NOT have enough page text describing site content on the home page. What I've read is that this page should be much more than just an entry door. But based on comments herein, I will try to cut down on the verbage (hey I know I'm nothing if not verbose!)

    Chaps, you reported a quick peek only at You actually performed the same kind of check the majority of WHT visitors have thus far. And perhaps need for improving the home page is a point proven by that fact alone (aside from perhaps limited time available to the folks willing to review sites.)

    (I thought it would be interesting to mention here that according to my visitor logs, so far there have been 11 visitors from WHT. Of the 11, 4 WHT folks have commented thus far. Of the 11 WHT visitors, 2 looked at other pages besides the home page. Of the 2 that looked at other pages: 1 looked at the home and hosting packages pages; the other looked at the home, links, TOS and CGI pages.)

    I will definitely work on improving the home page, but I hope there will be additional visitors who will look at more site pages and then comment re overall consensus of the site.

    Could someone exlain to me what kinds of things may give the site a 90's feel, and tell me what appears blurry?

    Thanks again to everyone.

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    Nope. Do over. Barring that, at least narrow the paragraph to be no wider than the top bit, and lay off the bold text. Bold text has a purpose, to amplify a word or phrase, not to holler at me. IT'S LIKE USING ALL CAPS THE WAY YOU USE BOLD.

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    Hi folks. I think I've achieved sufficient reduction of prior wordiness on my home page.

    I did rearrange the content of the hosting plans page (thanks, 21inchguns for pointing that out.)

    I'm working on removing the bolded text - was hard for me to do as I find it easier to read - but since it may be just these old eyes of mine, I'm giving it a shot.

    And I've followed other of the constructive suggestions made herein.


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    Well, it's gonna be harder to pick it apart now.
    I think you've taken everyone's suggestions and incorporated them well.
    I didn't hit *every* page. But, I must say, the index page is much improved.
    I'll look it over closer when I find time; but for now I have to say
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    Thanks, SoftWareRevue, and I appreciate your plan to have a looksee.

    Okay, maybe you folks can educate me on an issue:

    I've noticed that a large number of WHT folks are using resolutions higher than 800 x 600 (interestingly enough, that's a much higher percentage of WHT's compared to the normal ratio of visitors with higher resolutions. (No doubt the percentage is bound to increase steadily as larger monitors populate to the masses.)

    My monitor is only a 15 incher, so I normally am set to 800 x 600. I decided to set it to a higher resolution (my highest possible being 1024 x 768) to see how the site looks.

    That launched a whole new set of revisions. LOL And I solved all but one problem: at higher resolutions, the footer does not appear at the bottom of the page on short pages like the home page. I've been searching for a solution, w/o employing frames or javascript (since many users now disable same). At any rate, I found nothing that works. What is needed is a way to define the footer to appear at the page bottom of whatever screen resolution the visitor is using.

    Does anyone know of a way to do that?

    P.S. (As an aside, I'm wondering if with a larger monitor the higher resolution does not cause everything to become teeny tiny as I see it with my monitor? If things stay as teeny tiny as they display at higher resolutions on my monitor, I'd go blind in quick order looking for prolonged periods at such!)

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    Just being picky but 7.5Gb isn't 7500Mb it's 7680Mb

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    Well, I did not have the benefit of seeing your pre-revision version, but if the home page used to have too much text, it's the opposite now. There is precious little text now. Aside from needing some text for SE optimization, there's nothing really there to draw me deeper into the site.

    The font in those banner-style page titles is kind of hard to read. Also, I assume you're using them as titles? They tend to look like banner ads.

    A small point, but you charge $65/hr for non-emergency calls on the toll free line? As a customer, that probably wouldn't sit right with me.

    Good luck.
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    I too didn't see the original and think there should be a little more text on the home page. It does still have the 90s (late 90s) feel to kt. I think it's the fonts and the bolding / underlining or really the layout of the tables. The funny thing is that the other pages are better than the home page. I like it overall, I would just work a little on the .css file and change some of the hover effects and the fonts in general.
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    Re home page SE optimization, it's there. It's done in the alt tags.

    Re tollfree emergency support. Actually had this discussion in another thread. It's explained to customers that as we grow we will expand coverage to non-emergency tollfree support. Some tollfree support, even limited to emergency support, is better than none, and our normal support channels handle support issues well. There are tons of hosting companies who don't offer tollfree or even basic phone support.

    Not sure what is meant about the text fonts - the fonts used are same as is used on the WHT forums.

    I guess whether a site is too wordy or not wordy enough tends to depend on the generation of the visitor. The instant generation doesn't like to read, the older generations (like me) prefer more information and don't mind reading.

    Change some of hover effects to what? Splain' me please.

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    Just wanted to come back and thank all you good folks for taking time to review our site. Following many of the suggestions made here, we were able to make a lot of improvements, I think, and there's no doubt whatsoever that without your valuable input, we wouldn't have the kind of site we now have.


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    I think your site looks fine. I wouldn't change anything unless you wanted a new look altogether.
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    Decent design, could use some minor changes though.
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