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    Your thoughts on email hosting

    Anyone here has the experience in running corporate email hosting. I'm planning to put up one and I need your thoughts. I want to have this because I have several clients who doesn't really use their web space. They just using email addresses

    Most probably this server is for corporate website and their email addresses. No Blog site , no forums.

    Do you think a less powerful server can manage this? like celeron? how about $50 budget?

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    Just like with Webhosting, you can use any type of server, but your capacity is limited. for email hosting, you will need spam filtering, anti virus capabilities etc. and just like with webhosting, if you have a large volume user or host many domains, Celeron may struggle a bit.
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    Yeah it depends on how many customers you are looking to host but a celeron isn't the most powerful of servers, plus it also depends on if you are going to install a control panel because that may use extra resources, or if you are just going to free for all it and install webmail programs.

    Either way I'd say if you are looking to be, reliable, speedy, and host a lot of people go with something a little more powerful than a celeron.

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    It all has to do with volume. The number of customers will influence hard drive space (especially for webmail/IMAP), but it's the number of emails per hour that will drive how powerful your server needs to be.

    One thing I would try to incorporate is a functional redundant server. Without that you can pretty much expect most of your corporate customer base to look at migrating away after your first outage.

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