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    Please give me some feedback on my new site. I would also want to know what you think about that I`m so open about being a reseller. Do you think this will scare many customers away? I could do the wholecloaking thing but I don`t like to tell them "we at.." when they will eventually find out that it`s just "me at.." .
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    whos lqiuidweb

    Whos liquidwebs backbone, VDI??? If so I would just say put you partner with VDI as more people will know who VDI is etc... carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    The site's design is nice - but the font is too small. I notice that it resizes depending on your settings, which is a nice touch.

    I'm on 800 x 600 x 32. In IE fullscreen mode the font size is fine, but in regular window mode the text is very small. Admittedly, I do have an older monitor that seems to be going a bit blurry.

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    Hello, I think Liquidweb is independent now but I`m not sure.....?
    I`m afraid you`ll have to see it in fullsize if you have 800X600 resolution, because I don`t think you can see the buttons or other text if you make it a console....?

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    I`m trying to list the site with but they`re saying that the site doesn`t work and therefore they can`t list it. Are some of you unable to load the website?

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    It looks very nice and professional. The font size, however is in my opinion too small. It might look fancy, but don't wanna give visitors a headache before they decide whether to sign-up for a plan or not. :-)

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    Also, I tried to see it on a monitor at my university and I had to download flash to see it. Just not a good think if customers can't see your page. I know you like flash..but...

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    Yes, I`ve inserted a script that will direct you to the flash5 download page if you haven`t got it installed.
    331 million people on the net has got one plugin, I think those who hasen`t got the latest plugin will download it if needed.
    But you`re right in the sence that I`ve gotten a lot of problems by choosing flash as the platform of my page. I might choose html with layering if these flash problems never solves.
    I`ve redesigned it so it looks better in 800X600.....doesn`t it?

    Thanks for feedback Jonah

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