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    Understanding VPS limits and improving them

    Hi everybody,

    This is my second post here, but i've lurked for a long time

    I'm quite new at the VPS world, I just got 1 for testing purpose. It is a Virtuozzo based with 128MB RAM (ok, maybe Xen is better, but I couldn't find a so cheap Xen as the Virtuozzo i got and this is all just for testing purposes).

    I would like to know by people who use VPS since a long time, which kind of load a VPS can sustain keeping good response time, since I will never succed to produce a load big enough to test it myself. And which kind of optimization tecniques do you advice me to follow to get the most of it? I was thinking about installing Lighttpd and some MySQL finetuning, but what else?

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    Critical load will depends on resource and sites you put there but I don't like a load over 5 (not only for vps even for dedicated)

    Optimization depends on what limitation you hit, have a look at QoS and see what are the alerts there (if any)

    It's possible to start to give ideas but they'll be too much general.

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