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    Exclamation Webhosting control panel list!!


    Please find the list of hosting control panel available with its home page URL. All are for Linux servers unless otherwise noted.

    More to add:

    Free Panels:
    AlternC -
    ASM :
    DTC (Domain Technologie Control) -
    ISPConfig Hosting Control Panel -
    SysCP - System Control Panel -
    VHCS -
    Web-cp -
    Webmin -
    VishwaKarma -
    ZPanel - - Windows & Linux
    Commercial panels with limited free version (not trial versions)
    ControlZx HMS - (renamed from Drzes).
    DigiPanel -
    Parsv - - Windows
    ServerCP - - Linux
    VirtualMin - - addin module for webmin
    Commercial Panels

    Please suggest more, or changes. Note I will delete such posts to this forum after merging the urls to this list. Thankyou.

    There are only few users who have experienced the different control panel. Please share your good and worst experience so that newbie can select their panel easily. Please say why it is good or bad - "XYZPanel rocks" type posts will be deleted.
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    Hello to everyone.
    I must say this list has a very big variety of control panels for server, which is very good, but, does anyone have experiences with any of these?
    I must say, I have had some good experience with Cpanel, I do recommend it, has lots of recources, you can find Skins/Themes in multiple languages.
    I heard say very well of Direct Admin, but, one of my main turn down regarding it is the small language support they have. DA has a whole website for suporting users , which is really great! They made a very nice job on it, but it is only in english.
    Best regards

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    Regarding experience, I have used many control panel. my vote goes to :

    HELM - - For Windows Control Panel : it made your hosting easy!!!

    CPanel / WHM - - A wonderful control panel for linux. You really enjoy it. Very easy and tricky.

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    Cpanel and Plesk get my vote
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    Good job mitto!


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    Thre are only few users who have experienced the different control panel. Please share your good and worst experience so that newbie can select their panel easily.

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    I have been using VHCS and I must say, install was a breaze (2 commands)
    and the layout is well thought out and makes like a bit easier.

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    Thanks Mitto,
    I was in need of such information!

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    When it comes to selection of control panel from a newbie then its very important that he must look on following aspect:

    1. Levels of support a control panel offers both Free and Paid, plus how quick and effective their response is.
    2. User friendly and logical interface.
    3. FREE value-added services, like billing system, payment processing, scripting, DNS, Mail, DB managers etc.
    4. Now a days you will find couple of CP vendors offering FREE 3rd-party softwares like free mail, statistic servers etc. This will save you a handsome amount of money at the end.
    5. Only if you are a programmer, how much customization that CP support and how easily 3rd-party applications can be integrated?
    6. Few experience web host may not find it significant but it's very important for newbies(especially) that how easily control panel and its supported softwares can be installed and integrated together. I know few CP vendors charge for installation and configuration of their application.
    7. Last but not the least - Price, look for both one-time and monthly rental options. Try to find a cheap solution for your business.

    These could be few points a newbie MUST look before selecting any control panel because once you start using a CP its difficult to switch, believe me.


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    Wow..... good points to consider!!!

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    Anyone here user H-sphere? Seems it has a lot of stuff, biling, suport, server admin...

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    You missed a couple of panels!

    iBizPanel -
    Alabanza's CP -

    I use iBizPanel, H-sphere, cPanel/WHM and Alabanza's CP. All of them have their own unique features, but in order of my personal preference based on performance, reliability and usefulness. I would say,

    1. iBizPanel
    2. Alabanza's CP
    3. H-sphere
    4. cPanel/WHM

    I hate cPanel. I think it's a piece of crap comparitively, but they've done such a good job of branding it, customers ask for it by name. They don't know there's anything else. The folks at iBiz Vision don't advertise. Their business is selling dedicated servers but their control panel, the iBizPanel is way more powerful for automating every aspect of your hosting business than WHM.

    H-sphere is a very attractive and powerful control panel too. But, it's slow to respond and VERY COMPLICATED to use. It must constantly be rebooted daily. It takes a long time to learn where to find all of the many features and controls it has, and longer to learn how to use them. Their documentation is always outdated too.

    Alabanza's CP is very easy to use and the DSM is very powerful piece of work. The only thing wrong with it is that it's limited to selling packages the old fashioned way, where you have 1 website per hosting package. You can't sell multiple websites within a single hosting package. The cost for their dedicated servers is rather high too but then again, their service and reliability is a cut above the rest. My dedicated servers are very profitable and have 99.97% uptime.

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    I prefer to use cpanel due to its features and advance settings in WHM

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    I have reviewed many of the windows control panels, and I have found that Helm is by far the best. Helm 4 coming soon with tons of new features!

    WHMCS Security Plus+ : Addon module with additional security features for WHMCS billing system.

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    HELM 4 really seems good You can try a demo from its site... it totally changed from its previous version.....

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