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    Looking for a Managed Host

    I'm new to server admining and would like a dedicated server for an arcade and proxy website I'm starting in a few months.

    I need an inexpensive managed host that will help me do basic server tasks (install Apache, install PHP, deal with server error, etc.).

    What would be a good dedicated host for this? I'm looking to pay no more than $150 a month for a server.

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    You are on a bit of a tight budget for good management. Do you have any idea as to hardware specs?

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    I don't care about specs. I just want to see what I can get for the price.

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    You might want to look at I haven't personally used them so I cannot vouch for them in that sense, however I know people who have used them and they never had a problem. They are resellers of Layered Tech but they add on management. You should actually be able to pick up a fairly decent machine for $150 from them. Keep in mind they are very much so a budget company, but at the same time they do offer a good service (basically a best bang for the buck type of thing).

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    If you don't require root access, you should be able to get a low to mid-size package for that budget that's fully managed. I know some hosts are a bit hesitant to give root-access for managed packages to novices (they'd have to clean up any major errors done by you). In any case, that budget of 150 should be ample for maybe going with ev1 and then hiring a mangement service, or contacting reliable individuals and asking if they'd be willing to give you an intimate management package of some type with a low to mid spec server.

    The arcard website generally won't be too bad, as i'm presuming its likely to be flash files? the proxy website is what can really require a decent spec server and good bandwidth. Do you have preferences for a geographic location?

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    In order to find a fully managed server, I'd have to agree with what has already been said. The budget for even a low end managed box is still going to run you around $200.00. If you want 24x7 reliable support from a good hosting company, even up in the $250.00 range.
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    You may be able to get a Celeron from LayeredTech, and then get a PlatinumServerManagement plan.

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    Browse the offers section, I see some managed server providers with plans with less than your budget, good luck!

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    What control panel are you looking to use with your server?
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    Try Viviotech. They have a Standard Managed server at $119/month.
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