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    * [For hire] Professional artist and designer. I can design anything you see.

    Hello all.

    Some of you may remember me I've designed quite a few sites for people from WHT. Well, I have some free time for a while, and could use some extra cash, so would like to offer my services to any who require it.

    I own a design studio located at - Feel free to check out the work, and contact me on AIM at iPathik, or by PM here on WHT.

    Just a few requirements to hire me:
    50% of payment must be upfront, 50 after the job is complete. All work is guaranteed, and is not complete until the client is happy. All work files will be given to the client upon final payment.
    Minimum $200 budget.

    That's it . I can do just about anything, so contact me if the work on Shinestudio is not exactly in the area your looking for. I can create online ad's. 3d mascotts, illustrator work for print or other mediums, web designs, logo's, and so on and so forth. So feel free to give me a hollar!


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    I took a look at your site. Your work is awesome!! haha

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    Nice, are you interested possibly working for a company?

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    Hi Jason-
    (Love your work...)

    I could possibly use you for a small project I'm creating for fun.

    I want to create a fun website called "Fenton's PlayBoy" (Fenton is my last name.) I already have the domain.

    Anyways, I'm having a HUGE party at my house this summer, and want to broadcast it live over the internet for all my aviation buddies that can't make it. (And I just want to be able to record/document it for fun)

    Sooooo.....I need you to create me a logo for this site if your interested??
    I'm hoping you'll stick with the current font I used for a temp logo I already made.
    font is located ---->

    The rest of the site will be developed around your logo. (Which really means, I have no f'in idea what I want unitl I get the logo) *lol*

    Let me know if your interested.


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    Hi Andrew,

    Yes that sounds great! I can do a simple logo for $50-$100 depending on what exactly you want it to look like. Contact me on AIM if you have it at 'iPathik' to chat.

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