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    Web Services Site for Sale

    Greetings -

    I started about 6 months ago, and now have taken on other ventures. I still have e-mail accounts with the domain, so I will only be able to sell the content, you can customize it for your own site.

    Includes all PSD files and comment text file, all PHP source code, SQL dump of database (some of the site runs lightly off a MySQL database). You will basically get all development files I have for this site. Only thing you will not get is the forums package or the domain name -- You will want to customize this for yourself.

    If i sell this, I will replace with a redirect page to my new hosting business,

    If you have ANY questions at all, or would like to inspect the site a little futher (such as the form e-mailer, understand I can't give away too much before purchase of it though ), please contact me:
    [email protected]

    Basically, I have these two offerings, or if you would like to make an offer yourself, just contact me at [email protected]:

    All what I've described above for: $200 one-time
    All what I've described, plus customization for your own site (within reason), and hosting of the package ( starter package) for $150 + $4.99 / Month.

    I'll be more than willing to take single offers, so just contact me.

    Thank You,
    Ben Hughes
    SynHost Founder
    [email protected]
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