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    Help with selecting type of dedicated server, please.

    Hi everyone,

    I have read every post on this forum about managed and non-managed servers and I am still no wiser.

    I have outgrown a shared package and wish to go dedicated.

    I was interested in taking a softlayer server (mainly because of the port speed), but I was warned away because it wasn't managed.

    Now, I should point out that I haven't the slightest clue on how to even turn a server on. Let alone install software and give it commands.

    Basically, I want to pay for the server, and log in and see cpanel or something along those lines.

    Can anyone explain the difference, and explain some "activities" that I might need to undertake on a non-managed server that I wouldn't need to do on a managed one??


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    Activities -

    Install Firewalls
    Configuration File modifications if services fail
    Kernel Upgrades

    I could list a whole ton of them....

    You need a management company if you really have no experience with SSH in my opinion...
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    Are there any that could be recommended to me?

    Budget isn't an issue. I need quality.


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    try fastservermanagement their provide cheap management services if your server got cpanel
    Give them a chance = =

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    Go for ServerWizards or PSM.

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    Sorry, I think I may have worded my last post wrong.

    Are there any managed dedicated server companies that you could recommend and preferably of the same class and calibre of softlayer??

    I would an all in one solution rather that using two different companies.

    Thanks & sorry for the confusion.

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