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    Spyware... but no Spyware

    Thanks for taking the time too read this thread!

    Apparently, at this very moment, my computer is "infected with spyware". This is a message coming from Windows. However, I have ran several spyware (Immunization and Destory) softwares and they have picked it up, and "Took care of the issue".

    However, I keep continuing to get the alerts.

    Any advice?

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    One possibility is that you need to clean out your System Restore. Some malicious software can lie dormant there. It may get detected on scans, but it is shielded from the removal programs.

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    Download and run this. It isn't a cleaner, but if you tell it to make a log, you can post here and we'll see what programs/applications are loading on startup. Some of the newer spyware programs are extremely good at hiding themselves from an unsuspecting user. At least one of the programs pretends to be a Windows error message (it looks like a normal popup by the system clock) to trick people into buying one particular scanner. Nasty stuff.
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    You can use any of the ani-stspayware products available on the market . and it will be eliminated

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    Sometimes the spyware scanning programs say they cleaned the spyware, but the spyware regenerates itself. Check out the program HijackThis. It examines parts of the registry and hard drive. Then you can clean the files or entries that look suspicious on an individual basis.

    Good luck :-)
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