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    budget $200 , best way to promote the business ?

    My friend has just setup a cosmestics and beauty online shopping site. I have helped set it up. I know what I doing technically When it comes to SEO and marketing I am learning. How is the best way to promote the business ? Both free and within the budget $200
    How would you do ?
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    Teen websites and Beauty and fashion realted websites. Maybe in local papers too.

    On the page where you fill in your address maybe put the UK first rather than US as it seems to be for the UK market.
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    Thanks, UK and Ireland are the target markets

    Thanks, I have changed that.
    UK and Ireland are the target markets. I do not think that it would be viable to ship to the anywhere else. Except perhaps Europe then there is the language barriers

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    Might want to make some thumbnails dude, those minis on the front page are like 50KB each.
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    yeh the thumbnails aren't thumbnails

    I will have to give shirells a tutorial and "guidance" on file sizes.

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