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    Windows Reformating...

    Question, in order to save me time in the future.

    does it really matter if you do a Windows Reformat : Long, or a Windows Reformat: Short when installing a Fresh copy of an OS? Evey now and then I'll do a long, when I have time to kill, but I wonder if it really matters..

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    If the format has never had an OS install on it before, I'll do a short. But if it has, I tend to do the long. Not sure if it matters or not, but that's the way I handle it.

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    The long formats are better, as it really formats your entire drive. The short format only formats a portion, and then formats-as-you-go.

    At least that's what I learned.

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    I always thought the long format ran checkdisk and the short just wiped it.

    Hmm guess it physically wipes it.
    Short format makes the drive appear to be empty but the stuff isn't overwritten.

    is the official word from ms.
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