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    So you want to upgrade your celeron?

    Well incase anyone has given it some thought but don't know how, you can upgrade a celeron to a regular pentium 4. However the Pentium 4 must be 400fsb.
    It cannot be 533 or 800 only 400 will work.

    For those of you who have an integrated graphics card and no expansion port I suggest using ebay and looking for a PCI card. I got an Nividia fx5500 256mb PCI for 50 on ebay. It's crazy they still make PCI cards lol.

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    I'm unsure to the point of this thread.

    You've probably picked up a "PCI express" graphics card, which I don't believe works on normal PCI slots and neither will it work on older unsupported motherboards.

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    what is going on in here?
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    newegg still sells regular pci cards. I thought they still made them for servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelized
    newegg still sells regular pci cards.
    Maybe so, but I guarantee they're not 256mb, or rather anywhere near

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