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    Thumbs up Success Story about

    Here are the processes we made

    1 first of all the site must be coded in correct way and validated by W3

    2 CSS must be validated

    3 correct keyword + title + description must be selected for each category

    4 - correct keyword + title + description must be selected for each picture

    5 absolutely a sitemap must be created

    6 we added links to relevant sites ( 2 3 )

    And result:

    in 2 weeks the site has been indexed by search engines.

    Daily unique visitors has reached 100-200, total visitors 900-1000.

    We are benefited from the explanations on the site authors , many thanks.

    You can see the statistic of the site at the link

    We hope that this can be a sample to friends who are interested in SEO.
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    Good job hope this articles helps a few people although it is very basic it’s a nice process to go through to get ranks. Best of luck to you and your site hopefully things will keep going up for you.

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    I'm curious about a few thing pertaining to this case study. From a developer's perspective, what was the thought process behind choosing to validate to a transitional doctype as opposed to a strict one? The reason I ask is because the strict separation of content and style that comes with any strict doctype stages the developer to write leaner, more accessible code, and compliance with WCAG guidelines (which goes above and beyond the doctype to which you validate) gives sites a tremendous SEO boost, because proper markup is being used not just to show objects, but to define them. SEs LOVE this, because it's the most conscientious thing a developer can do for human visitors!

    But of even greater interest would be the ROI discussions that went into the reengineering. What is the expected end result of driving more visitors? Is it about increasing revenue from Adwords? If so, how much was the site making, what is the target revenue increase, and what is time frame in order to achieve this? Also, how does the revenue increase compare to the expected payment for this sort of service, and what is the threshold for a customer justifying an SEO engagement in general? Basically, what's the ROI analysis? This is the good stuff!
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    It's down. I'll check back in an hour and post a review.

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