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    how to view the webstats

    Im just wondering if theres any way advertisers and seo companies can view my website's webstats in real time...

    I know to view it you need my web host account and password which I dont have plans of giving it to them.. So [email protected] if I do that...

    Thanks in advance...

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    Install awstats and allow users to click "Update" to update in real-time.

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    pacquiao - can you access your site through SSH? If so, do the following:

    First access the VPS through SSH (I use Putty). Go to the user's /home directory that wants stats accessible from outside, using the following command:
    cd /home/USERNAME/public_html/.

    Now create the symlink using the following command: ln -s /home/USERNAME/tmp/webalizer

    Now try and access the stats using

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