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    Bleh, I hate the term AJAX, but anywho. W3Schools has a good cut throat AJAX example that will really show you the basics of what it really is.

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    I have a PHP4 version of SAJAX with example code here:

    Click on the forum link for a PHP5 OOP version.
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    Thanks a lot.

    Its been a useful tutorial and helped a lot.

    Thank you once again



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    wow, just what I needed, thanks

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    http :// <= if you don't really wanna learn it, but you wanna use it.

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    Wow. This will really help me out. Thank you.
    I always wanted to learn about AJAX.

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    AJAX is built on the JAVA language for the J2EE architecture?

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    Nice resource

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    Just read some of these, there really great!


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    Great to see the Response from people , Added to this dont forget to read ajax tutorial from, the tutorial is really a good one for even starter and if you read it for 2 times, u can grab more things out of it

    Response Status which is very very improtant for AJAX
    0-- The request is not initialized
    1-- The request has been set up
    2-- The request has been sent
    3-- The request is in process
    4-- The request is complete

    with this in later stages you can play around the code ..

    after that ... i preffer Prototype javascript Framework .. which is really really a simple to use with and play with ..

  12. #27 has some fine ajax script and full details of their development
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    great links. usually has some information about ajax scripting.

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    Nice links there...
    I already tried to start learning some ajax, but i don't have time for that...

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