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    Smile Want a USA server assiged the Ip started with 64

    My customer want a server, following is the request:

    Ip started with 64, For example 64.*.*.*
    P4 2.4 or P4 2.8/1024M/40G HDD/1000G DATA Traffic
    OS:win2k3,web(or Std)
    Location: USA
    Payment: Paypal
    Pay per month

    If you can help me plz PM me,thank you.

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    Just out of curiosity... why an IP address starting with 64? - Providing information about web analytics and general internet marketing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyWebMetrics
    Just out of curiosity... why an IP address starting with 64?
    Because it's 1337 (duh).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyWebMetrics
    Just out of curiosity... why an IP address starting with 64?
    Yes, I cannot understand it yet. But it is my customer's request.
    after contacted several providers (Theplanet VRT managed ect.)
    i could not get such a server

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    Heheh haven't seen a request like that I've seen game server companies wanting lower number ip's for better server listings in the online displays- but wouldnt you want an 8. instead of a 64. if that were the case hehe.

    Anyway good luck on the search - i guess you could do a long lits of whois searches on the 64 range at to see who owns what - but thats a long drawn out process.
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  6. #6 can give you this IPs with your server

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    You can search ARIN WHOIS for all organizations who are direct registrants of addresses within To do so, issue the query:

    ! > NET-64-0-0-0-0

    You can then scan the list for providers you recognize.

    Best regards,

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    Subdelegations for NET-64-0-0-0-0:
    XO Communications XOXO-BLK-14 (NET-64-0-0-0-1) -
    MS Hotmail HOTMAIL (NET-64-4-0-0-1) -
    MTS Allstream Inc. MTS-64-4-64-MB-CA (NET-64-4-64-0-1) -
    Ntelos Inc. NTELO-BLK-2 (NET-64-4-96-0-1) -
    The Fix Network FIXNET-BLK-1 (NET-64-4-128-0-1) -
    Quad-Cities Online QUADCITIESONLINE (NET-64-4-160-0-1) -
    Clark County WA CLARKCOUNTYWA (NET-64-4-176-0-1) -
    ANET Internet Solutions, Inc ANET-BLK-01 (NET-64-4-192-0-1) -
    MTA Solutions MTASOL-BLK-1 (NET-64-4-224-0-1) -
    PayPal PAYPAL-1 (NET-64-4-240-0-1) -
    PREFERRED COMMUNICATIONS, INC PCIWEST-NETBLK-001 (NET-64-5-0-0-1) - Internet Services, Inc. NETBLK-THEPLANET-BLK-5 (NET-64-5-32-0-1) -
    Sol Tec, Inc. SOLTEC2-NET (NET-64-5-64-0-1) -
    WHRO WHRO-NET (NET-64-5-128-0-1) -
    Tusco.Net, Inc. TUSCO-NET (NET-64-5-160-0-1) -
    Bell Canada GT-ATL-BLK1 (NET-64-5-192-0-1) -
    Infobahn Outfitters, Inc. OUTFITTERS-COM (NET-64-6-0-0-1) - PRICELINE (NET-64-6-16-0-1) -
    Hypernet Communications, Inc. HPYR-HYPERNET (NET-64-6-32-0-1) -
    Productivity OnLine NETBLK1-POL (NET-64-6-96-0-1) -
    WTC Communications, Inc. WTCCOMM2 (NET-64-6-112-0-1) -
    Viewpoint Technologies, Inc. VP1-NETBLK1 (NET-64-6-128-0-1) -
    MegaPath Networks Inc. MEGAPATH-BLK-5 (NET-64-6-160-0-1) -
    Bell Canada GT-EST-BLK3 (NET-64-6-192-0-1) -
    Digital Space, Corp. DIGITALSPACE-BLK-1 (NET-64-6-224-0-1) -
    MegaPath Networks Inc. MEGAPATH-BLK-1 (NET-64-7-0-0-1) -
    Digicon Corporation DIGICORP-BLK-2 (NET-64-7-32-0-1) -
    WebPerception WEBPERCEPT (NET-64-7-64-0-1) -
    Urban Communications, Inc. URBANCOM (NET-64-7-96-0-1) -
    ITXC ITXC-COM (NET-64-7-112-0-1) -
    Sentex Communications Corporation SENTEXCO (NET-64-7-128-0-1) -
    Mercury Network, LLC MERCURY-BLK1 (NET-64-7-160-0-1) -
    Vitalstream Holdings, Inc. VS-BLK-01 (NET-64-7-192-0-1) -
    Mesa Partners, LLC NETEASE (NET-64-7-224-0-1) -, Inc. FREEHOST-1 (NET-64-7-240-0-1) -
    TelCove, Inc. TELCOVE-MIDATLANTIC (NET-64-8-0-0-1) -
    FNP CORP FNPCO-NET-01 (NET-64-8-96-0-1) -
    State of Minnesota STATE-MN-US1 (NET-64-8-128-0-1) -, Inc. DSL-NET-15 (NET-64-8-192-0-1) -
    TelCove, Inc. TELCOVE-MIDATLANTIC (NET-64-9-0-0-1) -
    Insync Internet Services INSYNC4 (NET-64-9-128-0-1) -
    Online Technologies Corp. ONLINETECH-1 (NET-64-9-192-0-1) -
    UUNET Technologies, Inc. UUNETCA7-A (NET-64-10-0-0-1) -
    America Online, Inc. AOL-MTC (NET-64-12-0-0-1) -
    Clearwire, LLC CLEARWIRE (NET-64-13-0-0-1) -
    MEER NET MEER-CA-BLK-01 (NET-64-13-128-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-14-0-0-1) -
    CSC Holdings Inc., CVINF2 (NET-64-15-0-0-1) -
    Datacom Systems PTY LTD DS-64-15-32-0 (NET-64-15-32-0-1) -
    Nova Scotia Provincial Government NSPG-NET (NET-64-15-48-0-1) -
    Netelligent Hosting Services Inc. NETEL-ARIN-BLK01 (NET-64-15-64-0-1) -
    Unity Business Networks LLC UBN-CIDR1 (NET-64-15-96-0-1) -
    Groupe iWeb Technologies inc. IWEBGROUP (NET-64-15-128-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-15-160-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-15-192-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-15-224-0-1) -
    Mountain Telecommunications of Arizona, Inc. MTNTEL-NETBLOCK-2 (NET-64-16-0-0-1) -
    Matchnet MATCHNET-NET (NET-64-16-64-0-1) -
    Lewis and Roca LLP LEWISANDROCALLP-NET1 (NET-64-16-96-0-1) -
    Ann Taylor Stores Corporation ANN-TAYLOR-WEB-SITE (NET-64-16-112-0-1) -
    NewSouth Communications RHINO-6 (NET-64-16-128-0-1) -
    Sago Networks SAGO-20050803-1515 (NET-64-16-192-0-1) -
    Cogent Communications COGENT-ARC-0001 (NET-64-17-48-0-1) -
    US Cable Paramus-Hillsdale UCP-21 (NET-64-17-64-0-1) -
    SoVerNet, Inc. SOVER-NET-4 (NET-64-17-96-0-1) -
    Hosting-Network GmbH HOSTING-NETWORK (NET-64-17-128-0-1) -
    Des Moines University DMU-EXIP (NET-64-17-192-0-1) -
    Tyler Junior College TYLER-JC-1BLK (NET-64-17-208-0-1) -
    Towerstream Corporation TWRS-RI-BLK-1 (NET-64-17-224-0-1) -
    Postini, Inc. POSTINI-ARIN-ASSIGNMENT (NET-64-18-0-0-1) -
    Baltimore Technologies CYBERTRUSTCIDR (NET-64-18-16-0-1) -
    ACCESS ACCESS-1BLK (NET-64-18-32-0-1) -
    Apache County Schools Superintendents Office APACHE-COUNTY (NET-64-18-48-0-1) -
    MTO Telecom Inc. NETBLOCK-MTO-03 (NET-64-18-64-0-1) -
    RTC Internet RTC-RNG-GA (NET-64-18-96-0-1) -
    JustEdge Networks JE-BLK-2 (NET-64-18-128-0-1) -
    Oricom Internet ORICOM-BLK-1 (NET-64-18-160-0-1) -
    Iland Internet Solutions Corporation IISC-1 (NET-64-18-192-0-1) -
    Avalon Systems, Inc. AVALON-BLK-1 (NET-64-18-224-0-1) -
    NuVox Communications, Inc. NUVOX-IPV4-05-01 (NET-64-19-0-0-1) -
    Westelcom Family of Companies WFC-BLK-1 (NET-64-19-64-0-1) -
    Intelleq Communications Corporation INTELLEQ (NET-64-19-96-0-1) -
    Monmouth Internet Corp MONMOUTH-BLK2 (NET-64-19-128-0-1) -
    CapRock Communications Corp. CAPROCK-NETBLK01 (NET-64-19-240-0-1) -
    Media Log TRNS (NET-64-20-0-0-1) -
    Interserver, Inc NJIIX (NET-64-20-32-0-1) -
    Adamswells Internet AW-NET-2 (NET-64-20-64-0-1) -
    Northwest Telephone NWTI3 (NET-64-20-96-0-1) -
    Hargray Communications Group, Inc. HAR-INSTR-BLK3 (NET-64-20-128-0-1) -
    Con Edison Communications CEC-NYC-1 (NET-64-20-160-0-1) -
    CTS Communications Corp CTSTELECOM-BLK-2 (NET-64-20-192-0-1) -
    Core NAP, L.P. CORENAP-NETBLOCK-02 (NET-64-20-224-0-1) -
    Net Access Corporation NAC-NETBLK03 (NET-64-21-0-0-1) -
    Micro R & D MICRORD-NET (NET-64-21-192-0-1) -
    North Dakota Telephone Co. NDTEL-2-NDTC (NET-64-21-224-0-1) -
    Aeneas E-Plus Broadband Services AENEPB-NETBLK (NET-64-22-0-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-22-128-0-1) -
    Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C. CIG (NET-64-22-160-0-1) -
    University of Illinois UILLINOIS-UIINTEGRATE (NET-64-22-176-0-1) -
    Internet Express, Inc. NETXPRS-BLK-1 (NET-64-22-192-0-1) -
    SpringNet SPRINGNET2-NET (NET-64-22-224-0-1) -
    Affinity Internet, Inc AFFINITY-64-23-0-0 (NET-64-23-0-0-1) -
    Digicon Corporation DIGICORP-BLK-3 (NET-64-23-128-0-1) -
    USLEC Corp. TXFER-STNI-USLEC-BLK-2 (NET-64-24-0-0-1) -
    JetBlue Airways Corporation JETBLUE-COM (NET-64-25-16-0-1) -
    INFRACNCT INFRACNCT (NET-64-25-32-0-1) -
    QPASS Inc. QPASS-COM (NET-64-25-48-0-1) -
    Tohono O'Odham Utility Authority TOUANET-BLK-1 (NET-64-25-64-0-1) -
    Prospeed.Net,Inc. PROSPEED (NET-64-25-80-0-1) -
    INDY WEB INC INDYWEB-BLK-1A (NET-64-25-96-0-1) -
    Heartland Business Systems HBS-NETWORK-001 (NET-64-25-112-0-1) -
    TransAria, Inc. TRANSARIA-NETBLOCK-3 (NET-64-25-128-0-1) -
    Meritel Group Inc MERITEL-BROADBAND (NET-64-25-144-0-1) -
    Ontario Northland ONLINK-BLK-2 (NET-64-25-160-0-1) -
    Crystal Microsystems CRYMICRO-148-10 (NET-64-25-192-0-1) -
    Hostway Corporation HOSTWAY-02 (NET-64-26-0-0-1) -
    Sailor SAILOR (NET-64-26-64-0-1) -
    Magma Communications Ltd. MAGMA-BLK3 (NET-64-26-128-0-1) -
    i2 Technologies Inc. I2-TECH (NET-64-26-192-0-1) -
    Hollywood Interactive, Inc. HOLLYWOOD-INTERACTIVE (NET-64-27-0-0-1) -
    Webcore Technologies, Inc. NETBLK-WCT2 (NET-64-27-32-0-1) -
    DataPipe DATAPIPE-BLK1 (NET-64-27-64-0-1) -
    Novacon NOVACON (NET-64-27-128-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-27-160-0-1) -
    World Wide Net, Inc. WWNET-BLK-2 (NET-64-27-192-0-1) -
    ShawneeLink SHAWNEE-NET-2 (NET-64-27-224-0-1) -
    Global Payments, Inc. GLOBALPAY-2 (NET-64-27-240-0-1) -
    Cignal Global Communications CIGNAL-NET (NET-64-28-0-0-1) -
    Rampant Inc! RAMPANT-INC-COM (NET-64-28-32-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-28-64-0-1) -
    Onramp Access Inc. ONR-CIDR2 (NET-64-28-96-0-1) -
    AccessLine Technologies, Inc. ACCESSLINE-TECH (NET-64-28-112-0-1) -
    Latin American and Caribbean IP address Regional Registry LACNIC-64-28-128-0 (NET-64-28-128-0-1) -
    Palm Computing, Inc. PALM-1 (NET-64-28-144-0-1) -
    UNIVERSAL ACCESS, INC. UAI (NET-64-28-160-0-1) -
    Cernel, Inc CERNELNETWORK (NET-64-28-176-0-1) -
    Conterra, LLC CONTERRA-BLK (NET-64-28-192-0-1) -
    Dataway DATAWAY-SF1 (NET-64-28-224-0-1) -
    Tarrant County College District TCCD-BLK-1 (NET-64-28-240-0-1) -
    Hilti Incorporated HILTI-BLK-1 (NET-64-29-0-0-1) -
    Interland, Inc. DIALTONE2-INTERNET (NET-64-29-16-0-1) -
    Modis Professional Services, Inc. MODISPRO-INT-B (NET-64-29-32-0-1) -
    Douglas County, Oregon DOUGLASCTYOR-BLK (NET-64-29-48-0-1) -
    NetEnterprise NETENTERPRISE-NETBLK1 (NET-64-29-64-0-1) -
    Advanced Computer Technologies, LLC ACTWORLDNET (NET-64-29-112-0-1) -
    Key Connections, Inc. KCINET (NET-64-29-128-0-1) - MEGA-2 (NET-64-29-144-0-1) -
    Abraxis Networks, Inc. ABRAXIS-ATL-002 (NET-64-29-160-0-1) -
    Core Technology Services, Inc. CORETECHSERV (NET-64-29-176-0-1) -
    Data Return DATARETURN-2BLK (NET-64-29-192-0-1) -
    Silicon Beach Communications SBC-NET-BLK2 (NET-64-29-224-0-1) -
    St. Agnes Healthcare ST-AGNES (NET-64-29-240-0-1) -
    TelCove, Inc. TELCOVE-NEWENGLAND (NET-64-30-0-0-1) -
    SureWest Broadband SUREWEST-64-30 (NET-64-30-96-0-1) -
    Prime Communication Systems Corp PRCO (NET-64-30-128-0-1) -
    Atlanta Broadband, Inc. ATLANTABROADBAND (NET-64-30-160-0-1) -
    LinkLINE Communications, Inc. LINKLINE (NET-64-30-192-0-1) - SPORTSLINE (NET-64-30-224-0-1) -
    Niagara University NIAGARA-NET-1 (NET-64-30-240-0-1) -
    MichTel Communications LLC. MICHTEL-BLK-1 (NET-64-31-0-0-1) -
    Wood County Internet Council WCNET (NET-64-31-64-0-1) -
    TelCove, Inc. TELCOVE-SOUTHEAST (NET-64-31-128-0-1) -
    Internet America, Inc. IA-NEO-01 (NET-64-31-192-0-1) -
    BEK Communications Cooperative BEK-COMMUNICATIONS (NET-64-31-240-0-1) -
    Compania Dominicana de Telefonos CODETEL-1BLK (NET-64-32-64-0-1) -
    MegaPath Networks Inc. MEGAPATH-BLK-6 (NET-64-32-128-0-1) -
    OLM,LLC OLM-04 (NET-64-33-0-0-1) -
    Airstream Communications, LLC AS-BLK-1 (NET-64-33-128-0-1) -
    Pingtone PING-NET-1000 (NET-64-33-208-0-1) -
    SDN Communications Inc. SDNET-3 (NET-64-33-224-0-1) -
    Peer 1 Network Inc. PEER1-BLK-08 (NET-64-34-0-0-1) -
    XO Communications XOXO-BLK-22 (NET-64-35-0-0-1) -
    HighSpeed Communications HSPD-WW-0000001 (NET-64-35-128-0-1) -
    INVOSAT, Inc. INVOS-NET (NET-64-35-160-0-1) -
    New York Institute of Technology NYIT-NETBLOCK (NET-64-35-176-0-1) -
    Internet Services Provider Network ISPN-BLK-1 (NET-64-35-208-0-1) -
    U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity =Commission EEOC (NET-64-35-224-0-1) -
    UUNET Technologies, Inc. UU-64-36-0 (NET-64-36-0-0-1) -
    GTE Wireless Central Area CENTRAL-AREA (NET-64-37-0-0-1) -
    CYBERCON, INC. CYBERCON-BLK-3 (NET-64-37-64-0-1) -
    Sony Online Entertainment, Inc. VERANT-NETBLK1 (NET-64-37-128-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-37-192-0-1) -
    FastServers, Inc. FASTSERVERS-CF (NET-64-38-0-0-1) -
    Press-Enterprise Co. PENET-BLK-1 (NET-64-38-64-0-1) -
    WV FIBER LLC WVFIBER-1 (NET-64-38-96-0-1) -
    Seanet Corp NET-SEANET-BLK-1 (NET-64-38-128-0-1) -
    CWIE, LLC CWIE-BLK-1 (NET-64-38-192-0-1) -, Ltd. RSPC-NET-1 (NET-64-39-0-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-39-32-0-1) -
    Mendocino County Office of Education MCOE-BLOCK-1-DCP (NET-64-39-112-0-1) -
    City of Thomasville Utilities ROSENET-1 (NET-64-39-128-0-1) -
    Golden Triangle On Line GOLDEN-BLK-2 (NET-64-39-160-0-1) -
    Pixius Communications, LLC PIXIUS-BLK-FLTHLS-1 (NET-64-39-192-0-1) -
    World Internet Services HISPEED-2 (NET-64-39-224-0-1) -
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln HUSKERNET (NET-64-39-240-0-1) -
    Accelenet Internet Services ACCELENET (NET-64-40-0-0-1) -
    Infotrieve Inc. INFOTRIEVE (NET-64-40-16-0-1) -
    US Network Services USNS-NET (NET-64-40-32-0-1) -
    Mebtel Communications MEBTEL-BLK-1 (NET-64-40-64-0-1) -
    NetNation Communications Inc NETNATION (NET-64-40-96-0-1) -
    WAN Communications, Inc. WANC (NET-64-40-128-0-1) -
    Speedfox, Inc SPEEDFOX-1 (NET-64-40-144-0-1) -
    IP Access International SVN-NET (NET-64-40-160-0-1) -
    Quartet Service Ltd. QUARTETSERVICE (NET-64-40-176-0-1) -
    NetSet Internet Services, Inc. NETSET-CBLK-01 (NET-64-40-192-0-1) -
    Telstar Communications Inc TELSTAR1-WTCONNECT (NET-64-40-208-0-1) -
    Ingram Micro Inc. INGRAMMICRO-BLK-1 (NET-64-40-224-0-1) -
    ICA Canada On-Line Inc. ICA-NET2 (NET-64-40-240-0-1) -
    D&E SuperNet DESN-BLK1-18 (NET-64-41-0-0-1) -
    Hostway Corporation HOSTWAY-05 (NET-64-41-64-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-41-128-0-1) -
    Eschelon Telecommunications, Inc. ESCH-64-42-0-0 (NET-64-42-0-0-1) -
    New Mexico Internet Access NMIANETBLK-1 (NET-64-42-128-0-1) -
    Bell Canada GT-PRA-BLK2 (NET-64-42-192-0-1) -
    T-SYSTEMS INC. TSYSTEMS-NA-LISIL-1 (NET-64-43-0-0-1) -
    US Wireless Online, Inc. BM-64-44-0-0 (NET-64-44-0-0-1) -
    Interland, Inc. NETLIMITED-3 (NET-64-45-0-0-1) -
    Maine Libraries/Dept. of Education ME-K12-LIB3 (NET-64-45-64-0-1) -
    DELMARVA ONLINE DMVOL (NET-64-45-128-0-1) -
    Cypress Communications CYPRESS-3BLK (NET-64-45-160-0-1) -
    Sprint-United Telephone of Florida UTELFLA-COM (NET-64-45-192-0-1) -
    Novus Entertainment Inc. NOVUSCOM-NET (NET-64-46-0-0-1) -
    RackForce Hosting Inc. RACKFORCE-3 (NET-64-46-32-0-1) -
    Access Internet ACCESS-INTERNET-BLOCK (NET-64-46-64-0-1) -
    3DWizards DATACOLO-BLK-1 (NET-64-46-96-0-1) -
    Cyber Access Internet Communications CYBERACCESS (NET-64-46-128-0-1) -
    LeaseNet, Inc. LEASENET-BLK-1 (NET-64-46-160-0-1) -
    Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services Corporation SMSNET-2BL (NET-64-46-192-0-1) -
    Masergy Communications MASERGY-BLK1 (NET-64-47-0-0-1) -
    XO Communications IALG-ALGX-3 (NET-64-48-0-0-1) -
    Ayrix Technologies, Inc. AYRIX-NET (NET-64-49-0-0-1) -
    Kent Intermediate School District KENT-INTERMEDIATE-SCHOOL-DISTRICT (NET-64-49-112-0-1) -
    NetSat Express, Inc. NETSATX-BLK-2 (NET-64-49-128-0-1) -, Ltd. RSPC-NET-3 (NET-64-49-192-0-1) -
    XO Communications XOXO-BLK-7 (NET-64-50-0-0-1) -, Inc. DSL-NET-18 (NET-64-50-128-0-1) -
    TDS TELECOM NETBLK-TDSNET-BLK (NET-64-50-224-0-1) -, Inc. DSL-NET-12 (NET-64-51-0-0-1) -
    Cypress Communications CYPRESSCOMM-64-52-0 (NET-64-52-0-0-1) -
    Eureka Broadband EUREKANETWORKS-IP-40342000-19-20 (NET-64-52-32-0-1) -
    Cypress Communications CYPRESSCOMM-64-52-80 (NET-64-52-80-0-2) -
    Cypress Communications CYPRESSCOMM-64-52-96 (NET-64-52-96-0-1) -
    Eureka Broadband EUREKANETWORKS-IP-40347000-20 (NET-64-52-112-0-1) -
    Cypress Communications CYPRESSCOMM-64-52-128 (NET-64-52-128-0-1) -
    Eureka Broadband EBRB-64-52-144 (NET-64-52-144-0-1) -
    Cypress Communications CYPRESSCOMM-64-52-160 (NET-64-52-160-0-1) -
    Eureka Broadband EUREKANETWORKS-IP-4034C000-18 (NET-64-52-192-0-1) -
    Info Avenue Internet Services, LLC IAVE-2 (NET-64-53-0-0-1) -
    WideOpenWest LLC WIDEOPENWEST-2BLK (NET-64-53-128-0-1) -
    University of California San Francisco UCSF-2NET (NET-64-54-0-0-1) -
    XO Communications ALGX-HVD-BLK4 (NET-64-55-0-0-1) -
    Advanced Tel, Inc. ADVANCED-TEL-BLK2 (NET-64-56-0-0-1) -
    Comcast Telecommunications, Inc. CTI-TEL (NET-64-56-32-0-1) -
    DONet Inc. DONET-BLK-01 (NET-64-56-96-0-1) -
    WiBand Communications WBND-WIBAND-107-112 (NET-64-56-128-0-1) -
    International Digital Communications, Inc. TY1-1 (NET-64-56-160-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-56-192-0-1) -
    Mariner Systems Inc. MARSYS-COM (NET-64-56-208-0-1) -
    Echo Online Internet Inc. ECHO-GROUP-1 (NET-64-56-224-0-1) -
    Tower Hill Insurance Group THIGHQ1 (NET-64-57-0-0-1) -
    American Century Services Corporation 20THCENTURY (NET-64-57-32-0-1) -
    Misys International Banking Systems Inc. MISYS-NET (NET-64-57-48-0-1) -
    Blue Gravity Communications, Inc. BGCI (NET-64-57-64-0-1) -
    Coastal Web Online Corporation COASTALWEB-1BLK (NET-64-57-96-0-1) -
    African Network Information Center AFRINIC-64-57-112-0 (NET-64-57-112-0-1) -
    Application Control Systems, Inc. ACS-CIDR1 (NET-64-57-128-0-1) -
    Fifth Third Bank 53BANK (NET-64-57-144-0-1) -
    Brandenburg Telephone Company BBTEL-01 (NET-64-57-160-0-1) -
    e-deltacom EDEL-QGC-BLK1 (NET-64-57-240-0-1) -
    Mile High Online MHO (NET-64-58-0-0-1) -
    Fullnet Communications of Oklahoma FULLNET-2NET (NET-64-58-32-0-1) -
    Intrado, Inc. INTRADO (NET-64-58-48-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-58-64-0-1) -
    NetSat Express, Inc. NETSATX-BLK-3 (NET-64-58-96-0-1) -
    Icefrost LLC ICEFROST-BLK-2 (NET-64-58-112-0-1) -
    Cox Communications Inc. NETBLK-OC-CBS-64-58-128-0 (NET-64-58-128-0-1) -
    Citicom Online Communication Services Inc. CITICOM-BLK-1 (NET-64-58-192-0-1) -
    ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. VINS-BLK-1 (NET-64-58-224-0-1) -
    MetNet Communications, Inc. METNET-19-1 (NET-64-58-240-0-1) -
    eLink Communications INC. EUREKANETWORKS-IP-403B0000-18 (NET-64-59-0-0-1) -
    Easy Online Solutions EOS (NET-64-59-64-0-1) -
    Shaw Communications Inc. SHAW-COMM (NET-64-59-128-0-1) -
    Atlantic Internet Technology EXIT109 (NET-64-59-192-0-1) -
    Pacific University PUBOXERNET-BLK-1 (NET-64-59-224-0-1) -
    TelePacific Communication TELEPACIFIC-BLK-1 (NET-64-60-0-0-1) -
    Broadview Networks BROADVIEWNET-BLK3 (NET-64-61-0-0-1) -
    CP Internet CPINTERNET-BLK-3 (NET-64-61-192-0-1) -
    Eschelon Telecommunications, Inc. ESCH-2005B (NET-64-62-0-0-1) -
    Hurricane Electric HURRICANE-4 (NET-64-62-128-0-1) -
    Mobilenetics Corporation MOBILENETICS-BLK-3 (NET-64-63-0-0-1) -
    Hawk Communications HAWKCOMM-COM (NET-64-63-192-0-1) -
    Teligent, Inc. TGNT-BLK-2 (NET-64-64-0-0-1) -
    Interland, Inc. DIALTONE2BLK (NET-64-65-0-0-1) -
    LavaNet, Inc. LAVANET-IPV4-1 (NET-64-65-64-0-1) -
    Eschelon Telecommunications, Inc. ESCHELON-2000A (NET-64-65-128-0-1) -
    Choice One Communications Inc CH-O-C (NET-64-65-192-0-1) -
    4D communications 4DCOMM (NET-64-66-0-0-1) -
    Startec Global Communications STARTEC-BLK-1 (NET-64-66-32-0-1) -
    Vital Processing Services, LLC VITALPS (NET-64-66-48-0-1) -
    TelCove, Inc. TELCOVE-SOUTHWEST (NET-64-66-64-0-1) -
    Hostway Corporation HOSTWAY-03 (NET-64-66-128-0-1) -
    Pac-West Telecomm, INC. MDSG-PACWEST (NET-64-66-192-0-1) -
    Solucian Networking, L.L.C. SOLUCIAN (NET-64-66-240-0-1) -
    Digicon Corporation DIGICORP-BLK-4 (NET-64-67-0-0-1) -
    Elan Communications, Inc. ELAN-BLK2 (NET-64-68-0-0-1) -
    Advanced Access ADV-BLK-1 (NET-64-68-32-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-68-64-0-1) -
    WebEx Inc WEBEX (NET-64-68-96-0-1) -
    Netlojix NETLOJIX (NET-64-68-128-0-1) -
    Management Software, Inc. MSOFT-01 (NET-64-68-144-0-1) -
    Northern Valley Communications NOVC (NET-64-68-160-0-1) -
    Net Enterprise Technologies SURFSIDE (NET-64-68-192-0-1) -
    Border Comm BCP-BLK-1 (NET-64-68-208-0-1) -
    Cherryland Online Services COSLINK (NET-64-68-224-0-1) -
    Art Technology Group, Inc ATG1 (NET-64-69-0-0-1) -
    CoreExpress COREEXPRESS-BLK-1 (NET-64-69-32-0-1) -
    Consequence Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) CMISERVICES (NET-64-69-48-0-1) -
    Peer 1 Network Inc. PEER1-BLK-01 (NET-64-69-64-0-1) -
    CTC Communications Corp. CTC-ICN (NET-64-69-96-0-1) -
    McDaniel College MCDANIEL (NET-64-69-128-0-1) -
    University of La Verne ULAVERNE-NET1 (NET-64-69-144-0-1) -
    Cable & Wireless Americas Operations, Inc. CW-HOSTING-NET (NET-64-69-160-0-1) -
    Global Payments, Inc. GLOBAL-PAYMENTS (NET-64-69-192-0-1) -
    Website Pros WEBSITEPROS (NET-64-69-208-0-1) -
    Comercial Training Division,Raytheon Corp. CTD-RAYTHEON (NET-64-69-224-0-1) -
    South Plains College SPC-BLK-1 (NET-64-69-240-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-70-0-0-1) -
    Affinity Internet, Inc AFFINITY-64-70-0-0 (NET-64-70-128-0-1) -
    WiLine Networks Inc. WILINE-AGG-2 (NET-64-71-0-0-1) -
    Affinity Internet, Inc AHNET-BLK-2 (NET-64-71-32-0-1) -
    Twin Rivers Valley Communications TRV-INTERNET-BLK1 (NET-64-71-64-0-1) -
    Southern Kansas Telephone Co., Inc. SKTC-NET (NET-64-71-96-0-1) -
    Hurricane Electric HURRICANE-2 (NET-64-71-128-0-1) -
    Haviland Telephone Company, Inc. HAVILANDTELCO (NET-64-71-208-0-1) -
    Rogers Cable Inc. ROGERS-BACKBONE (NET-64-71-240-0-1) -
    New Hampshire Community Technical Colleges NHCTCS-1 (NET-64-72-0-0-1) -
    Classic Communications CLASSICNET (NET-64-72-32-0-1) -
    Netrax NETRAX-CIDR5 (NET-64-72-96-0-1) -
    Alpha Red, INC ALPHARED-HOUSTON-A (NET-64-72-112-0-1) -
    nFrame, Inc. NFRAME (NET-64-72-128-0-1) -
    WeinBar-Pulver NET-PULVERTECH-1 (NET-64-72-160-0-1) -
    Redwood County Telephone Company REDWOOD (NET-64-72-176-0-1) -
    MDConnect Internet Services, USA MDCONNECT (NET-64-72-192-0-1) -
    Surpha SURPHA-NET1 (NET-64-72-208-0-1) -
    MIPPS INC. MIPPS-INC (NET-64-72-224-0-1) -
    Berbee Information Networks Corporation BINC-BLK-1 (NET-64-73-0-0-1) -
    Alliance Information Systems, LLC ALLIANCE-SYS (NET-64-73-192-0-1) -
    Internap Network Services PNAP-SEA-BLOCK4 (NET-64-74-0-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-75-0-0-1) -
    Ulster County BOCES ULSTER-BLK-2 (NET-64-75-64-0-1) -
    Hawaii Online ALOHANET (NET-64-75-128-0-1) -
    IMPSAT CORP IMPSAT-CORP-5 (NET-64-76-0-0-1) -
    Interland, Inc. NETLIMITED-4 (NET-64-77-0-0-1) -
    CoreComm - Voyager, Inc. VOYAGER-WI-2000 (NET-64-77-128-0-1) -
    ISP Alliance, INC. ZCORUM (NET-64-77-192-0-1) -
    Vertex Group VTX-BLK-1 (NET-64-77-224-0-1) -
    Intermedia Corporation INTRMD-1 (NET-64-78-0-0-1) -
    Susquehanna Communications SUSCOM (NET-64-78-64-0-1) -
    ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. VIAWEST-BLK-13 (NET-64-78-144-0-1) -
    ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. VIAWEST-BLK-14 (NET-64-78-176-0-1) -
    ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. VIAWEST-BLK-15 (NET-64-78-184-0-1) -
    ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. VIAWEST-BLK-16 (NET-64-78-224-0-1) -
    Microwave Satellite Technologies, Inc MST-01 (NET-64-78-240-0-1) -
    Communication Nation, Inc. NET-CNINET-1 (NET-64-79-0-0-1) -
    BridgeBand Communications Inc. BRIDGEBAND (NET-64-79-32-0-1) -
    COL NETWORKS, INC. COL-NETWORKS (NET-64-79-48-0-1) -
    MICH.COM, INC. MICHCOM-BLK-1 (NET-64-79-64-0-1) -
    WiLine Networks Inc. WILINE-AGG-1 (NET-64-79-112-0-1) -
    SWITCH Communications Group LLC SWITCH-COMMUNICATIONS (NET-64-79-128-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-79-160-0-1) -
    Name Intelligence, Inc. NAMEI-NET-005 (NET-64-79-192-0-1) -
    VentureNet, L.L.C. VENTURENET-NETBLK-1 (NET-64-79-224-0-1) -
    PaeTec Communications, Inc. PAETECCOMM (NET-64-80-0-0-1) -
    Speakeasy, Inc. SPEAKEASY-3 (NET-64-81-0-0-1) -
    EarthLink, Inc. ELNKMSWH2000 (NET-64-82-0-0-1) -
    Big River Telephone BIGRIVER-64-82-192-0 (NET-64-82-192-0-1) -
    Cavalier Telephone CAVTEL-BLK-1 (NET-64-83-0-0-1) -
    Locke Liddell & Sapp LLP LLS-NET (NET-64-83-80-0-1) -
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama BCBSAL (NET-64-83-96-0-1) -
    Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit TEN-NOWTRI-CNTY (NET-64-83-128-0-1) -
    State Long Distance Telephone Company ELKNET-BLK-2 (NET-64-83-160-0-1) -
    Charter Communications STCLOUDMN1 (NET-64-83-192-0-1) -
    MasterLink, Inc. MSLNK-1 (NET-64-84-0-0-1) -
    Winbeam WINBEAM-COM (NET-64-84-96-0-1) -
    LASD/Data Systems Bureau PAC-50 (NET-64-84-128-0-1) -
    SECURE WEBS INC SEWB-1 (NET-64-85-0-0-1) -
    Radiant Communications Ltd. RADIANT-VAN3 (NET-64-85-32-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-85-64-0-1) -
    Great Lakes Comnet, Inc. NET-GLC-3 (NET-64-85-128-0-1) -
    Socket Internet Services Corporation SOCKET-MARZAQ (NET-64-85-192-0-1) -
    Wave Broadband, LLC ASTOUND-1BLK (NET-64-85-224-0-1) -
    Teleglobe Inc. TELEGLOBE (NET-64-86-0-0-1) -
    Colossus COLOSSUS-NET-BLK-3 (NET-64-87-0-0-1) -
    National Police Services Network NPS-SNP (NET-64-87-128-0-1) -
    Macomb Intermediate School District MISD-NET (NET-64-88-0-0-1) -
    WebHostPlus Inc WEBHOSTPLUS-INC (NET-64-88-128-0-1) -
    e-deltacom EDEL-QGC-BLK2 (NET-64-88-160-0-1) -
    PanAmSat Corporation PANAMSAT-COM (NET-64-88-224-0-1) -
    FIRST USA Inc. FIRST-BLK-2 (NET-64-89-0-0-1) -
    clickMAN LLC SERVERGOD (NET-64-89-16-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-89-32-0-1) -
    Southeast Community College SCCNET (NET-64-89-48-0-1) -
    NuVox Communications, Inc. NUVOX-IPV4-01-01 (NET-64-89-64-0-1) -
    CenturyTel Solutions, LLC CENTURYTEL-SOLUTIONS-2 (NET-64-89-96-0-1) -
    KIH Online KIHONLINE-2 (NET-64-89-128-0-1) -
    Hobart and William Smith Colleges HWSC-NET (NET-64-89-144-0-1) -
    ISP Associates, Inc. DBA Dixie-Net DIXIE-NET-COM (NET-64-89-160-0-1) -
    University of Nebraska NETWORKNEBRASKA (NET-64-89-176-0-1) -
    Hosttech Communications, LLC HTC-PVD-16851 (NET-64-89-192-0-1) -
    Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. MR-EXPANSION (NET-64-89-208-0-1) -
    Intuitive Logic Corporation MAX-LV-1 (NET-64-89-224-0-1) -
    Pioneer Wireless Network PWN-ME (NET-64-89-240-0-1) -
    NewSouth Communications RHINO-1 (NET-64-90-0-0-1) -
    August Associates AUGUST-BLK-2 (NET-64-90-32-0-1) -
    Danaher 8-DEJR (NET-64-90-112-0-1) -
    ENMR Plateau Telecommunications PLATEAU-INTERNET-NETWORK (NET-64-90-144-0-1) -
    The New York Internet Company NYIC-1BLK (NET-64-90-160-0-1) -
    ViaWest Internet Services, Inc. VIAWEST-BLK (NET-64-90-192-0-1) -
    Air Advantage AIR-ADVANTAGE (NET-64-90-208-0-1) -
    Bentley Systems BENTLEY-COM (NET-64-90-224-0-1) -
    Orange-Ulster BOCES OUBOCES-1 (NET-64-90-240-0-1) -
    CenturyTel Internet Holdings, Inc. CENTURYTEL-NETBLOCK1 (NET-64-91-0-0-1) -
    TheGrid THEGRID-BLK3 (NET-64-91-128-0-1) -
    Liquid Web, Inc. LIQUIDWEB (NET-64-91-224-0-1) -
    CoastalNet COASTALNET-2 (NET-64-92-64-0-1) -
    Netfronts, Inc NETFRONTS-BLK-1 (NET-64-92-96-0-1) -
    Sopris Surfers, LLC SURFERS-BLK-2 (NET-64-92-128-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-92-160-0-1) -
    Blinn College BLINN-1 (NET-64-92-176-0-1) -
    Data393 Inc. D393-DC-INVERNESS2 (NET-64-92-192-0-1) -
    Macrovision Corporation MACROVISION2-BLK (NET-64-92-224-0-1) -, Inc. DSL-NET-1 (NET-64-93-0-0-1) -
    Net2EZ NET2EZ (NET-64-93-64-0-1) -
    Westman Communications Group WCGNET-002 (NET-64-93-96-0-1) -
    University of Dayton DAYTON-2 (NET-64-93-128-0-1) -
    Internap Network Services PNAP-05-2000 (NET-64-94-0-0-1) - Co. TUCOWS-BLK2 (NET-64-96-0-0-1) -
    Cisco Systems, Inc. CISCO-GEN-6 (NET-64-100-0-0-1) -
    Covad Communications Co. COVAD-IP-1-NET (NET-64-105-0-0-1) -
    University of New Mexico UNM-2-CDCN (NET-64-106-0-0-1) -
    DataPipe DATAPIPE-BLK4 (NET-64-106-128-0-1) -
    Illinois Century Network ICN1 (NET-64-107-0-0-1) -
    SBC Internet Services SBCIS-SIS80 (NET-64-108-0-0-1) -
    SES Americom Inc. SESA1 (NET-64-110-0-0-1) -
    SaskTel SASK005 (NET-64-110-192-0-1) -
    Chapel Communicatons, Inc CHAPEL (NET-64-111-0-0-1) -
    Missouri Network Alliance, LLC MNABBN02 (NET-64-111-32-0-1) -
    Reynwood International REYNWOOD (NET-64-111-64-0-1) -
    New Dream Network, LLC DREAMHOST-BLK4 (NET-64-111-96-0-1) -
    epix Internet Services EPIX-6BLK (NET-64-111-128-0-1) -
    KMC Telecom Solutions LLC KTSLBD (NET-64-111-160-0-1) -
    ISPrime, Inc. ISPRIME-ARIN-2 (NET-64-111-192-0-1) -
    MBO Video MBO-NET (NET-64-111-224-0-1) -
    US Wireless Online, Inc. USWO-BLK-2 (NET-64-112-0-0-1) -
    Computer Care Company TC3NET (NET-64-112-192-0-1) -
    IP Services IPSNETBLK-1 (NET-64-112-224-0-1) -
    Oklahoma State University OSUOKM-1 (NET-64-112-240-0-1) -
    Donobi, Inc. DONOBI (NET-64-113-0-0-1) -
    SBBSNet SBBSNET-1BLK (NET-64-113-32-0-1) -
    Iowa State University CYCLONENET2 (NET-64-113-64-0-1) -
    SureWest Broadband SUREWEST-64-113 (NET-64-113-96-0-1) -
    MCFA MCFA-NET-10 (NET-64-113-128-0-1) -
    CC Communications CC-COMM-1BLK (NET-64-113-160-0-1) -
    Metropolitan Educational Council MEC-NET (NET-64-113-176-0-1) -
    New Edge Networks NEWEDGENETS-BLK2 (NET-64-113-192-0-1) -
    New Bridge Technologies Inc. NBT-NYC (NET-64-113-240-0-1) -
    TELUS Communications Inc. TELAC-BLK14 (NET-64-114-0-0-1) -
    Broadview Networks BROADVIEWNET-BLK1 (NET-64-115-0-0-1) -
    UUNET UUNET-BR2 (NET-64-116-0-0-1) -
    Park Region Mutual Telephone Co PRMTC (NET-64-118-0-0-1) -
    Power Web Connect POWERWEB-100 (NET-64-118-32-0-1) -
    Hewlett-Packard - ProCurve Networking PROCURVE-PRODUCTION-NETWORK (NET-64-118-48-0-1) -
    AHPHosting, Inc. AHPHOSTINGATL (NET-64-118-64-0-1) -
    4RWEB, Inc 4RWEB-NETBLK-1 (NET-64-118-80-0-1) -
    Sierra Tel Internet STCG (NET-64-118-96-0-1) -
    Ideal Technology Solutions US Inc. ITS-USNET (NET-64-118-128-0-1) -
    Fiber Internet Center FIBERNOC-CA (NET-64-118-160-0-1) -
    Sysnet Corporation SYSNET-1BLK (NET-64-118-192-0-1) -
    New York Medical College NYMC (NET-64-118-208-0-1) -
    Continental Broadband Florida, Inc DBA WebUnited WEBUNITED (NET-64-118-224-0-1) -
    Rock Island Communications, Inc. ROCKISLAND (NET-64-119-0-0-1) -
    Simply Bits, LLC SIMPLYBITS-BLK-1 (NET-64-119-32-0-1) -
    SpeedNet, LLC SPEEDNET-NETBLOCK-CIDR (NET-64-119-48-0-1) -
    Valor Telecommunications Enterprises, LLC VALORNET-TXK (NET-64-119-64-0-1) -
    Newport Telecommunications Company, Inc. NEWPORT-BROADBAND (NET-64-119-80-0-1) -
    Futureway Communications Inc. FUTUREWAY (NET-64-119-96-0-1) -
    Towerstream Corporation TWRS-MA-BLK-1 (NET-64-119-128-0-1) -
    Data393 Holdings, LLC D393LLC-DC-INVERNESS7 (NET-64-119-160-0-1) -
    iWay Broadband, Inc. IWAY-BLK-1 (NET-64-119-192-0-1) -
    Federal Emergency Management Agency NMERSBT (NET-64-119-224-0-1) -
    Allegheny Energy Service Corporation AE-64-119-240-0--20 (NET-64-119-240-0-1) -
    Teligent, Inc. TGNT-BLK-3 (NET-64-120-0-0-1) -
    RCN Corporation RCN-BLK-19 (NET-64-121-0-0-1) -
    Integra Telecom, Inc. INT-BLK-1 (NET-64-122-0-0-1) -
    SBC Internet Services SBCIS-SIS80 (NET-64-123-0-0-1) -
    Abovenet Communications, Inc ABOVENET (NET-64-124-0-0-1) -
    Everest Connections, LLC EVEREST-BLK1 (NET-64-126-0-0-1) -
    Global Netoptex, Inc GLOBAL-NETOPTEX-INC (NET-64-127-96-0-1) -
    WV FIBER LLC WVFIBER-2 (NET-64-127-128-0-1) -
    Time Warner Telecom, Inc. TWTC-NETBLK-11 (NET-64-128-0-0-1) -
    pair Networks PAIRNET-BLK-8 (NET-64-130-0-0-1) -
    South Central Rural Telephone Co. SCRTC (NET-64-130-128-0-1) - USFAM-001 (NET-64-131-0-0-1) -
    EarthLink, Inc. ERLK-CBL-TW-NYC (NET-64-131-128-0-1) -
    Time Warner Telecom, Inc. NETBLK-TWTC-NETBLK-1 (NET-64-132-0-0-1) -
    Sprint SPRINT-SLDSL-3 (NET-64-133-0-0-1) -
    Wayport, Inc. WAYPORT-2BLK (NET-64-134-0-0-1) -
    BroadbandONE, Inc. HOST-BROADBANDONE (NET-64-135-0-0-1) -
    Mile High Online MHO-2 (NET-64-135-160-0-1) -
    Fox Valley Internet FVI-NET (NET-64-135-192-0-1) -
    CityNet CITYNET-2 (NET-64-135-224-0-1) -
    Juno Online Services, Inc. JUNO-BLK (NET-64-136-0-0-1) -
    Centramedia Incorporated CINC-01 (NET-64-136-64-0-1) -
    Industrytel INDUSTRYTEL-NET-01 (NET-64-136-96-0-1) - NET-DOCKNET (NET-64-136-128-0-1) -
    Computer Comfort COMPCOMF-BLK-1 (NET-64-136-160-0-1) -
    Everest Connections, LLC EVEREST-BLK3 (NET-64-136-192-0-1) -
    CTS Communications Corp CTSTELECOM-BLK-1 (NET-64-136-224-0-1) -
    InterCache LLC SKYCOMM-1 (NET-64-137-0-0-1) -
    Masergy Communications MASERGY-BLK2 (NET-64-138-0-0-1) -
    NPTest Inc. NET-NPTEST (NET-64-138-192-0-1) -
    MegaPath Networks Inc. MEGAPATH-BLK-7 (NET-64-139-0-0-1) -
    Comcast Business Communications, Inc. CBC-CM-2 (NET-64-139-64-0-1) -
    NCI, Inc. NCIDATACOM (NET-64-139-96-0-1) -
    TRACI Network Solutions TRACI (NET-64-139-128-0-1) -
    ICG NetAhead, Inc. ICG-BLK5 (NET-64-140-0-0-1) -
    DSLi Corporation DSLI-2 (NET-64-140-96-0-1) -
    Extreme Internet EXTREMEINTERNET (NET-64-140-128-0-1) -
    WorldPath Internet Services WPIS-NET-A (NET-64-140-192-0-1) -
    Big Pipe Inc. BIGPIPE-3 (NET-64-141-0-0-1) -
    US Signal Corporation US-SIGNAL2 (NET-64-141-128-0-1) -
    SONIC.NET, INC. SONIC-BLK-3 (NET-64-142-0-0-1) -
    Precision Response Corporation PRCNET (NET-64-142-128-0-1) -
    SBC Internet Services SBCIS-SIS80 (NET-64-143-0-0-1) -, Inc. DSL-NET-4 (NET-64-144-0-0-1) -
    New Edge Networks NEWEDGENETS-2BLK (NET-64-146-0-0-1) -
    Northwest Open Access Network NOANET-BLK2 (NET-64-146-128-0-1) -
    Cox Communications Inc. NETBLK-OC-CBS-64-147-0-0 (NET-64-147-0-0-1) -
    Intertex Information Systems, Inc. INTERTEX-1BLK (NET-64-147-64-0-1) -
    The New York Internet Company NYIC-3BLK (NET-64-147-96-0-1) -
    Bonneville Satellite Company BONNEVILLESATELLITE (NET-64-147-128-0-1) -
    Global Netoptex, Inc GLOBAL-NETOPTEX-2 (NET-64-147-160-0-1) -
    DATACONSTRUCTS DC-BLOCK-00 (NET-64-147-192-0-1) -
    Education and Research Consortium of the Western Carolinas ERCWC-NET (NET-64-147-208-0-1) -
    The Answer Group, Inc. TAG-3MB-T1 (NET-64-147-224-0-1) -
    Emergis Inc. EMERGIS-1 (NET-64-147-240-0-1) -
    SBC Internet Services SBCIS-SIS80-1005 (NET-64-148-0-0-1) -
    Illinois Century Network ICN9 (NET-64-150-0-0-1) -
    Everest Connections, LLC EVEREST-BLK2 (NET-64-151-0-0-1) -
    ServePath, LLC SERVEPATH-BLK4 (NET-64-151-64-0-1) -
    KIVA NETWORKING KIVA-2 (NET-64-151-128-0-1) -
    In2net Network Inc. IN2NETWORK (NET-64-151-192-0-1) -
    Level 3 Communications, Inc. LC-ORG-ARIN (NET-64-152-0-0-1) -
    SBC Internet Services SBCIS-SIS80 (NET-64-160-0-0-1) -
    Alabanza, Inc. ALABANZA-BALT-4 (NET-64-176-0-0-1) -
    XO Communications IALG-ALGX-4 (NET-64-178-0-0-1) -
    D&E Communications DANDE-7062-2 (NET-64-178-96-0-1) -
    Northern Cablevision Ltd. NCL4949 (NET-64-178-128-0-1) -
    Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc. HATV-NET-1 (NET-64-178-160-0-1) -
    Millington Telephone Company, Inc. BIGRIVERINTERNET (NET-64-178-176-0-1) -
    Mediawire Communications MW-1-16 (NET-64-178-192-0-1) -
    NRTC NRTC-BLK-3 (NET-64-178-224-0-1) -
    Choice One Communications Inc CHOICE-ONE-COMMUNICATIONS (NET-64-179-0-0-1) -
    PrairieWave Telecommunications, Inc. PRAIRIEWAVE-NET (NET-64-179-128-0-1) -
    Volo Communications VOLO-NETBLOCK (NET-64-179-192-0-1) -
    TELUS Communications Inc. NET-TELAC-BLK10 (NET-64-180-0-0-1) -
    FiberNet of West Virginia WVFIBERNET-NET8 (NET-64-181-0-0-1) -
    Siebel Systems, Inc. SIEBEL-1 (NET-64-181-128-0-1) -
    C I Host CIHS (NET-64-182-0-0-1) -
    Indiana Fiber Network, LLC IFN-NET (NET-64-184-0-0-1) -
    Northwest Open Access Network NOANET-BLK3 (NET-64-184-128-0-1) -
    NTS Communications NTS-ONLINE-2BLK (NET-64-185-0-0-1) -
    Digex, Inc. DIGEX-SJC5-BLK-1 (NET-64-185-64-0-1) -
    Pocketinet Communications, Inc POCKETINET-1 (NET-64-185-96-0-1) -
    Earthlink, Inc. ERLK-CABLE-TW-NYS (NET-64-185-128-0-1) -
    Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. GVTC-3BLK (NET-64-185-160-0-1) -
    Office of Management and Budget OGP-64-185-192-223 (NET-64-185-192-0-1) -
    Content Broadcast CBCAST (NET-64-185-224-0-1) -
    Americatel Corporation AMTEL-BLK-1 (NET-64-186-0-0-1) -
    US Signal Corporation US-SIGNAL (NET-64-186-32-0-1) -
    DataHostsNet DATAHOSTSNET-ISPBLK-1 (NET-64-186-64-0-1) -
    Alaska Power & Telephone Co APTNET-BLK-01 (NET-64-186-96-0-1) -
    Global Innovations, Inc. GLOBALI (NET-64-186-128-0-1) -
    Nextweb, Inc NEXTWEB-1 (NET-64-186-160-0-1) -
    Advanced Computer Connections, Inc. ACCNORWALK1-COM-1BLK (NET-64-186-192-0-1) -
    Elemental Earth ELEMENTAL-NET (NET-64-186-208-0-1) -
    VoloNet Technologies, Inc VOLONET-0 (NET-64-186-224-0-1) -
    Bell Canada GT-CNT-BLK6 (NET-64-187-0-0-1) -
    Kentec Communications, Inc. KCI-NET (NET-64-187-64-0-1) -
    AccelerateBiz Inc. ACCELERATEBIZ-3-20 (NET-64-187-96-0-1) -
    Cingular Interactive NET-CI-1 (NET-64-187-128-0-1) -
    Flashcom, Inc. FLASHCOM-3 (NET-64-188-0-0-1) -
    Cypress Communications CYPRESS-64-190 (NET-64-190-0-0-1) -
    Network Operations Center Inc. HOSTNOC-3BLK (NET-64-191-0-0-1) -
    QX.Net QX-NET (NET-64-191-128-0-1) -
    Equinix, Inc. EQUINIX-IP (NET-64-191-192-0-1) -
    Level 3 Communications, Inc. LVLT-ORG-64-192 (NET-64-192-0-0-1) -
    McLeodUSA Incorporated MCLEODUSA-00 (NET-64-196-0-0-1) -
    Level 3 Communications, Inc. LVLT-ORG-64-200 (NET-64-200-0-0-1) -
    Connecticut Telephone Incorporated CTTEL-NETBLK-2 (NET-64-201-0-0-1) -
    Hamilton Hydro / FibreWired FIBREWIRED (NET-64-201-32-0-1) -
    Geneva On-Line, Inc. GOLNET (NET-64-201-64-0-1) -
    Race Technologies RACETECH (NET-64-201-96-0-1) -
    Stanford International MEGAMOOCH-NWK1 (NET-64-201-128-0-1) -
    TeraGo Networks Inc. TERAGO-2 (NET-64-201-160-0-1) -
    SaskTel SASK006 (NET-64-201-192-0-1) -
    Local-ISP, Inc. LOCAL-ISP (NET-64-201-224-0-1) -
    UFO Communications UFO-BLK-1 (NET-64-202-0-0-1) -
    Altaway Technologies, Inc. ALTAWAY-BLK (NET-64-202-32-0-1) -
    CINEMARK USA, INC CNMKUSA-CORP-NET01 (NET-64-202-64-0-1) -
    Server Central Network SCN-CHG-1 (NET-64-202-96-0-1) -
    Cybera CYBERA (NET-64-202-128-0-1) -
    Go Daddy Software, Inc. GO-DADDY-SOFTWARE-INC (NET-64-202-160-0-1) -
    GlobeCast North America GCA-BLK-001 (NET-64-202-192-0-1) -
    Argon Technologies ARGONTECHNOLOGIESINC (NET-64-202-224-0-1) -
    EarthLink, Inc. ERLK-CBL-TW-WEST3 (NET-64-203-0-0-1) -
    Ntelos Inc. NTELO-BLK-4 (NET-64-203-128-0-1) -
    Hargray Communications Group, Inc. HAR-INSTR-BLK1 (NET-64-203-192-0-1) -, Inc. DSL-NET-13 (NET-64-204-0-0-1) -, Inc. CLEARDATA-BLK-1 (NET-64-206-0-0-1) -
    The Door to the Internet DOOR-NET (NET-64-207-64-0-1) -
    Recol RECOL-LLC (NET-64-207-96-0-1) -
    Media Temple, Inc. MEDIATEMPLE-100 (NET-64-207-128-0-1) -
    InServer Networks INSERVER-NETWORKS (NET-64-207-192-0-1) -
    EasyTEL Communications, Inc. EASYTEL (NET-64-207-224-0-1) -
    Global Crossing GBLX-11A (NET-64-208-0-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-209-128-0-1) -
    Ad-Base Systems Inc. (DBA GlobalPOPS) AD-BASE-SYSTEMS (NET-64-209-144-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-209-160-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-209-192-0-1) -
    Integrated Comm Concepts IC2NET (NET-64-209-208-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-209-224-0-1) -
    Global Crossing GBLX-11B (NET-64-210-0-0-1) -
    Reflected Networks, Inc. REFLECTED-2 (NET-64-210-128-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-210-160-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-210-192-0-1) -
    Global Crossing GBLX-11C (NET-64-211-0-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-211-224-0-1) -
    Global Crossing GBLX-11D (NET-64-212-0-0-1) -
    SBC Internet Services SBCIS-SIS80 (NET-64-216-0-0-1) -
    XO Communications XOXO-BLK-5 (NET-64-220-0-0-1) -
    Verizon Internet Services Inc. VZGNI-PUB-5 (NET-64-222-0-0-1) -
    Interland, Inc. INTERLAND-5 (NET-64-224-0-0-1) -
    Bell Canada BELLCANADA-5 (NET-64-228-0-0-1) -
    New Edge Networks NEN-AW5 (NET-64-232-0-0-1) -
    New Edge Networks NEN-AW6 (NET-64-233-0-0-1) -
    Ritter Communications, Inc. RITTERNET-BLK-1 (NET-64-233-128-0-1) -
    Google Inc. GOOGLE (NET-64-233-160-0-1) -
    WideOpenWest LLC WIDEOPENWEST (NET-64-233-192-0-1) -
    University of New Mexico HealthSciences Center UNMHSC (NET-64-234-128-0-1) -
    WebStream, Inc. WEBSTREAM-1 (NET-64-234-192-0-1) -
    Globalhosting, Inc. GLOBALHOSTING-NETWORK (NET-64-234-224-0-1) -
    Delgado Industries, LLC L0IF1O7 (NET-64-235-0-0-1) -
    A+Hosting, Inc. APH-LAS-NV1 (NET-64-235-32-0-1) -
    Garden Valley Telephone Company GVTEL-A (NET-64-235-64-0-1) -
    Packetworks Inc. PACKETWORKS-BLK-1 (NET-64-235-96-0-1) -
    Sirus, Inc SIRUS (NET-64-235-128-0-1) -
    Susquehanna Communications SUSCOM-2BLK (NET-64-235-160-0-1) -
    3Men@Work Integrated Networks 3MENATWORK-COM (NET-64-235-192-0-1) -
    Mzima Networks, Inc. NETBLK-MZIMA-01 (NET-64-235-224-0-1) -
    AOL Transit Data Network ATDN-ISP (NET-64-236-0-0-1) -
    Novani, LLC NOV-NET-01 (NET-64-237-0-0-1) -
    NetTransactions, LLC CHOOPA-NETBLK01 (NET-64-237-32-0-1) -
    Advanced Tel, Inc. ADVANCED-TEL-BLK2 (NET-64-237-64-0-1) -
    ThruPort Technologies THRUPORT-NETWORK (NET-64-237-96-0-1) -
    Puerto Rico Telephone Company PRTC-NET-2 (NET-64-237-128-0-1) -
    DELMARVA ONLINE DMVOL-BLK-2 (NET-64-238-0-0-1) -
    DSL EXPRESS DSLX-1 (NET-64-238-16-0-1) -
    Tech Level 5, LLC TL5-I (NET-64-238-32-0-1) -
    Emerson Electric Co. EMERSONELECTRIC (NET-64-238-48-0-1) -
    Retek, Inc. RETEK-1BLK (NET-64-238-64-0-1) -
    CBEYOND COMMUNICATIONS, LLC CBEY-64-238-96-0 (NET-64-238-96-0-1) -
    Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. GVTC-2BLK (NET-64-238-128-0-1) -
    City of Gainesville GRUNET-BLK-2 (NET-64-238-160-0-1) -
    Sungard Network Solutions SGNS-BLK-2 (NET-64-238-192-0-1) -
    CenturyTel Solutions, LLC CENTURYTEL-SOLUTIONS-3 (NET-64-238-224-0-1) -
    Interland, Inc. DIALTONEINTERNET-3 (NET-64-239-0-0-1) -
    Tierzero TIERZERO-700LA (NET-64-239-128-0-1) -
    TransPath TRANSPATH (NET-64-239-224-0-1) -
    SAVVIS Communications Corporation SAVVIS8 (NET-64-240-0-0-1) -
    XO Communications ALGX-ABI-BLK16 (NET-64-244-0-0-1) -
    Everyones Internet EVRY-BLK-9 (NET-64-246-0-0-1) -
    INTELLISPACE, INC ISPACE-NET-3 (NET-64-246-64-0-1) -
    Amplex Electric, Inc. AMPLEX (NET-64-246-96-0-1) -
    Independent Network Operations Consortium INOC (NET-64-246-128-0-1) -
    Compass Communications, Inc. CCOM-2003 (NET-64-246-160-0-1) -
    TelCove, Inc. TELCOVE-SOUTH (NET-64-246-192-0-1) -
    Peter Life LLP PLL-NET01 (NET-64-246-224-0-1) -
    Net Access Corporation NAC-NETBLK05 (NET-64-247-0-0-1) -
    Ohio University OHIOU-2-NET (NET-64-247-64-0-1) -
    SSI Micro Internet Services SSI-BLK-1 (NET-64-247-128-0-1) -
    Origix ORIGIX-1 (NET-64-247-192-0-1) -
    Network Telephone Corporation NTEL-NETBLOCK-4 (NET-64-247-224-0-1) -, Inc. DSL-NET-3 (NET-64-248-0-0-1) -
    FreeI Networks, Inc FREEI-BLK2 (NET-64-250-0-0-1) -
    MICH.COM, INC. MICHCOM-BLK-2 (NET-64-250-128-0-1) -
    Pioneer Internet PLDI-NET (NET-64-250-192-0-1) -
    LasVegas.Net LASVEGASNETWORK (NET-64-250-224-0-1) -
    Infolink Information Services Inc. INFOLINK-BLK-100 (NET-64-251-0-0-1) -
    State of Connecticut Dept of InformationTechnology CONNECTICUTEDUCATIONNETWORK (NET-64-251-48-0-1) -
    Big Pipe Inc. BIGPIPE (NET-64-251-64-0-1) -
    360networks Inc. 360NET (NET-64-251-96-0-1) -
    Massachusetts Convention Center Authority MCCANET (NET-64-251-112-0-1) -
    Fidelity Communication International Inc. NETBLK2-FIDN (NET-64-251-128-0-1) -
    Golden West Telecommunications Coop., Inc. GWTC-NET (NET-64-251-160-0-1) -
    2 CoolWeb, Inc. TCW-SCW-BLK-1 (NET-64-251-192-0-1) -
    D.B. Zwirn & Co., L.P. DBZCO- (NET-64-251-208-0-1) -
    Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. KIMLEY-HORN (NET-64-251-224-0-1) -
    University of Portland UOFPORT-8 (NET-64-251-240-0-1) -
    SBC Internet Services SBCIS-SIS80-1005 (NET-64-252-0-0-1) -
    Local-ISP, Inc. LOCAL-ISP (NET-64-253-32-0-1) -
    Industry I-Net, Inc. INDUSTRY-01 (NET-64-253-64-0-1) -
    IgLou Internet Services IGLOU-BLK-1 (NET-64-253-96-0-1) -
    Stargate Connections Inc. STARGATE-VAN-BLOCK1 (NET-64-253-128-0-1) -
    Cox Communications Omaha, L.L.C. COXNE-COMM (NET-64-253-160-0-1) -
    Savvis SAVVIS (NET-64-253-192-0-1) -
    Glowpoint Inc. GLOWPOINT-NET1 (NET-64-253-224-0-1) -
    Le Groupe CGI inc. CGI-BLK-3 (NET-64-254-0-0-1) -
    Terra World, Inc. TERRAWORLD-INC (NET-64-254-32-0-1) -
    NorthEast Ohio Management Information Network NEOMIN (NET-64-254-64-0-1) -
    Intercom INTERCOM-BLK-2 (NET-64-254-80-0-1) -
    Virtela Communications, Inc. VRTL-NET-1 (NET-64-254-96-0-1) -
    TotaLink, LLC TOTALINK (NET-64-254-128-0-1) -
    Fusepoint Managed Services FMS-NET2 (NET-64-254-144-0-1) -
    RouteScience Technologies, Inc. ROUTESCIENCE-BLOCK1 (NET-64-254-160-0-1) -
    HickoryTech Corporation HTCO-BLK-3 (NET-64-254-176-0-1) -
    ANET Internet Solutions, Inc ANET-BLK-02 (NET-64-254-192-0-1) -
    MTO Telecom Inc. NETBLOCK-MTO-01 (NET-64-254-224-0-1) -
    Blue Gravity Communications, Inc. BGCI-2BLK (NET-64-255-0-0-1) -
    Telnet Worldwide, Inc. TELNET-MI (NET-64-255-64-0-1) -
    Maple Tronics Computers, Inc. MAPLETRONICS (NET-64-255-96-0-1) -
    Jupiter Hosting Corporation JHC-SC-1 (NET-64-255-160-0-1) -
    Northwest Link NWLINK-BLK3 (NET-64-255-192-0-1) -
    nFrame, Inc. NFRAME (NET-64-255-240-0-1) -
    Can't we all just get along

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    I think he now has choice enough

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    I didn't know you could even post that much in a single go on WHT

    Nice work Raul
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    haha wow, now THAT is service btw that list is vastly incomplete, as you still dont see the providers who use the ip space of those in that list. For instance UUnet is listed, but they dont sell servers (for the most part). The datacenters and ISP's who buy from UUnet, however do and sometimes just use uunet ip space. So you would have to check all the ranges under UUnet to find the specific providers (if you want to find a complete list) to contact.

    anyway im impressed now thats going the extra mile for a poster.
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    Actually credit goes to Garp as its his command but as I read his post I didn't think the OP would know how to do the search with ARIN.
    Can't we all just get along

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    I believe you can get a dedicated at Hurricane Electric ( on the 64.x range. Shoot them an email

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    Alphared / OrangeFiber / IdealBandwidth / any of their dozens of other names have IPs in the 64.x.x.x range

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    Thanks for all of you.
    After searched many providers.
    My customer could not afford the price for the server with the IP started 64.
    At last he choice a P4 2.8 at

    Coolraul's post listed so details infomation, it is great!!

    Thank all of you again!

    (Sorry for my poor English)

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    << My customer could not afford the price for the server with the IP started 64. >>

    Huh? There are atleast 10 providers on that list above with less expensive dedicated server pricing.
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