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    cPanel Cients for Sale

    Hello All,

    First, a thank you to the WHT team for allowing me to use this username for the sale.

    We are selling off our cPanel clients as we want to focus on other things.

    There are a total of 66 clients spread out over various packages. Resellers as well as regular shared clients are on the server

    We offer RVSkins and Fantastico on the cPanel server so you would want to have that also.

    You will be required to transfer the clients over to your own server as we are going to format this server and use it for testing. The server runs on a Pentium D 930.

    Total disk space used is 30GB and total bandwidth used on a monthly basis averages around 270GB.

    Clients have been with us several months to several years (depending on the client).

    Total monthly revenue is: $403.xx
    Quartrly Revenue: 47.xx
    Semi-annual revenue: 245xx
    Annual revenue: 2103.xx
    4 – month payment: $200 (this client sends western union every four months for $200)

    Total yearly revenue: $8217

    All clients pay via PayPal or Credit card. There is one client (pays roughly $13/month) who is not always perfect with his payment record. Sometimes he will pay a week early, sometimes a week later. Other than that, the others are all on time for the most part.

    Any specific company information will require an NDA to be signed and faxed to us. We are only selling the cPanel clients, nothing else. Feel free to PM or e-mail whsale (at)

    If you would like to place a bid, please be sure to PM us with your bid.

    BIN is: $6847.

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    Can you sell these separately?

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    I would prefer to sell them together, however, I am open to it if needed.

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    Could you send me some details on how much the clients pay please?

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    It is listed above, are you looking for a more detailed break down? If so, I will require an NDA.

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    Can't you just provide a breakdown of your clients' hosting plans and prices here without announcing your company name? What's the problem with doing so?I don't see why you need a NDA signed for it.

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    As a matter of fact I was thinking the same thing lol.

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    what is the billing system you use?
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    Hi whforsale911,

    I just want to let you know that I have read your offer and will be contacting you in a bit.
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