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    Wholesale Xbox 360 Systems

    As you know I have sold wholesale xbox 360s on this forum before. Well I am at it again! This time I can only get my hands on 10 units though. Below are the terms

    Product : Xbox 360 Premium Console
    Payment : Paypal or Bank Wire ( most people want paypal which is why I will accept it)

    Shipping Time : 10 - 20 days

    My Price : $360 each ( maximum is 10 units).
    Retail Price : $400 ( $430 ebay)

    This is a perfect offer for anyone who wants to make a quick ebay profit .

    I know the shipping time is long but currently that is the best I can do with my current distributor.

    Please note : This is a personal offer from me and not from D.O.T Digital.
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    Might want to use to do great.

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    Can you do escrow?
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    with a larger amount of units I would accept escrow, but with a small quantity such as 10 I don't feel the need to accept it. If buyers are worried about protection, use your credit card with paypal .

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    Update - 10 360 units are still for sale, but I have 5 Apple Video 60GB Ipods for sale. Price is $360 each with shipping included with same shipping timeframe ( and paypal). I am trying my hardest to get my hands on more units but stock is tight right now.

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