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    Could anyone please help me choose a managed dedicated hosting?

    Hi everybody
    I've always been on shared hosting but I've lately published a website that's consuming a lot of bandwidth and is still growing, so I'm thinking of moving to a dedicated (managed, since I don't have the time/knowledge for an unmanaged)
    The specs I'm looking for are:

    - Allows adult content
    - Around 1000gb / mo bandwidth
    - 512mb RAM
    - Pentium 4 > 1.6gb
    - 80gb HD
    - Linux
    - Plesk / Webmin / Cpanel
    - Budget < 100$/mo

    Could anyone suggest a good and established company that can provide this service? I know the budget is a bit low but frankly I don't want to pay 300$ if someone else can give it to me for 100$, it really adds up since it's monthly!

    Thanks for helping!

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    i dont think you will get a managed one at this price.
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    I've never used them, but may be worth a look.

    I'd really consider moving to a full dedi though since even if it's managed it's a whole different ballgame

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    Thread moved to Managed Hosting.

    Budget < 100$/mo
    Maybe a fully managed VPS can do the trick?

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    your specs might be pushing it when compared to ya budget but check out servstra as they offer nicely priced managed servers and should have something in your budget

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc
    Thread moved to Managed Hosting.

    Maybe a fully managed VPS can do the trick?
    Agreed .
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    Yeah looks like a managed VPS is the only option, even then you may struggle to get a worthy spec for under 100USD per month. Good luck!

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    Thanks for helping! Actually I've found some specs that fit my requirements at servstra the AMD low end cost around 99$

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