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Information - SweDesignz is one of the largest Adobe Photoshop tutorials sites on net. Traffic is generally webmasters and web designers. Traffic comes from tutorial indexes [such as Good-Tutorials & Pixel2Life], search engines [Google, Yahoo, MSN] and even from word of mouth!

Traffic - You can view a static page of SweDesignz's stats here. December 2005 | January 2006

Sponsors - A SweDesignz sponsor gets a quality static textlink, located on the bottom of the left side sidebar. These links are displayed on every page of the site [including the forums]. SweDesignz has thousands of pages indexed with Google and other search engines. You will also get many high PR [PR4-PR5] linking to your site. Textlinks are displayed in random order every page load. These positions cost $15/month.

Premium Sponsors - Premium sponsors get their site name + ~100 letter description on the right hand side bar. This spot gets great traffic. We have tracking on these positions, so it isn't a direct link. These positions get viewed around 400,000 times per month, with around 200 clicks each! After ordering, your link will get a "hot" image for the first week of advertising [see right side]! The price is $25/month;

Contact: [email protected].

- Tomer