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    419 - Excellent prices, uncompromised support

    Hey WHTers,

    Need to secure your brand new server? Not sure on what to do or how to do it? SeeksAdmin can help you out.

    SeeksAdmin can secure your server with all of the latest patches and up-to-date vulnerability fixes. We also do advanced configuration of many applications from Rfx-Networks that are incorporated in our security plans. SeeksAdmin also offers monthly and one-off administration services, including LAMP packages and monthly packages.

    We have a continuation of the specials from our re-opening which follows:

    LAMP Package:
    Installation of Apache from source (custom compile)
    Installation of PHP from source (custom compile)
    Installation of MySQL from source (custom compile)
    Setup for one (1) website
    Setup of PHPmyAdmin for MySQL management

    Special: $20
    Normally: $30

    Silver Security Package:
    Installation of APF / IPTables
    Installation of BFD
    Installation of LSM
    Installation of SIM
    Installation of PRM
    Securing /tmp directory
    Installation of chkrootkit
    Removal of insecure and unused packages
    Correct permissions on insecure tools

    Special: $25
    Normally: $40

    Silver Administration:
    Notification of server down (No action taken)
    Application and Security logs forwarded straight to us
    Critical updates as required
    2 hours additional administration time
    Silver Security Plan

    Special: $40 p/month
    Normally: $50

    These are just some of the specials that are current at this time. If you would like to view the rest of our packages or request a custom order then please contact us through the methods on

    If you would like to view our client's past experiences with us then please visit or search here at WHT for 'Matt -Seeksadmin' or 'TR Seeks'.

    Looking forward to talking to you!


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    I just hired Seeksadmin a couple of days ago to fix my dedicated server. I have only positive things to say. I must say that I'm really suprised on how friendly and helpfull they are. They help me a lot even though I didn't pay a lot. They help me with basically everything I have problems with. I can really recommend them if you need help with your server.

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    Thank you Emil. It was nice to do business with you. Hope your websites grow and do well. They look promising. Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

    Now Offering Windows Serivces.

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    even i have a very good experience with them very friendly especially Matt -Seeksadmin

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