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    Entertainment Network (Funny CMS) Script (First script which can crawl videos too)

    First script in the history which can crawl videos from the backened and update automatically with new funny clips.

    Why keep needed to download or buy new databases when you can get thousands of movies monthly with just few clicks.

    Here I present you my new script which can update funny clips automatically.

    Here are the following features which are included:
    Funny Videos
    Funny Pictures (pictures db is integrated with 1000 pictures)
    Avatars (10,000 avatars integrated in the backened)

    In just few minutes, you can get a full great site ready full of entertainment.

    The backened is very easy too. In just several clicks, you can get a video db crawled.

    We will include 4 styles to make your site look hot and beautiful:



    Price per copy is $300 , will also include free upgrades, in next upgrade which will be in 2-3 weeks, will include a games option too.

    To order:

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    wow man this looks pretty good...

    good luck with this m8.

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    Thank you .

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    Admin login doesn't seem to work ...

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    it seems doesn't work for me too
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    Admin panel isnt working, although very impressive i like the fact it crawls for videos Are the videos which are crawled downloaded onto the server? i may be interested

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    Sorry, my mistake...didn't notice everytying...

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    I will look into the admin settings. Looks like someone messed it up.

    For crawling videos: Yes it puts them on the server.

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    New username and password for admin panel is:
    username: demo
    password: demo

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    Where does it collect the videos from?

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    How come there are no answer to my question??

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