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    success in your own word

    What is your definition of success? Is it owning your own business but still in a small-scale or working in a multinational corporation but earn an income as much as the salary of a president in a third world country?
    Please, define your answer...

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    Success is consistent improvement of the quality of your life.
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    Success is what I have now. I make enough money whereby I can pay people to do most of the work and I can stay home with my kid (soon to be two kids). Nothing beats that. People with kids can relate I'm sure.

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    For me, success is when you have achieved what you have set out to do.

    eg. Goal is to own a BMW without having to borrow money. And Through hard work you manage to purchase a BMW, then I believe you are already successful.

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    We all have different definitions of success.

    On the business front, success for me was making a really good income working from home. That suits my lifestyle and that was success, to me. I like the freedom of working from home, and love being around my family. It's a great lifestyle, that's allowed me to build a 60sq family home.

    On a personal front, success to me is raising a family of 6 healthy happy normal children, and staying married through that, for 13 years. Not easy in today's world. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Success to me, is when you are doing what you want, and having what you want.
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    Success is the willingness and drive to accomplish things, on time, and to perfection.

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    Success is doing what you love -- and doing it to the best of your capability, striving to make improvements every day.

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    I personally think it depends on your reasoning and intentions for initially starting the business. For me it's a combination of things including "working smart, not hard" as well as wanting many large ticket items that I wouldn't be able to have as easily in my situation. Being an audiophile and having many hobbies isn't cheap you know

    Back to working smart, not hard - I think this is something very important, too many people simply work hard but not smart. This can be interpreted in many ways, some will see it as being lazy while others will see it as efficiency and getting more done in a certain amount time than someone else doing something similar. For me, it's finding a good balance between both extremes of doing lots of work and hardly working.

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    So what is success to me? Being able to "work smart, not hard" and reaping the benefits of being a business owner

    Hope I didn't draw this out too long though, heh, I've thought quite a bit about what I feel is an accomplishment or success so my thoughts might be a bit hard to follow
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    My definition is pretty much the same as 0utlier's. Success will be the day business can provide my financial needs while being able to take time off to spend with a family. I better get started soon on the family part though. 42 and single is getting a little late to get started.
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    Sucess is potting that black ball at the last shot in the game of snooker!@
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    Success to me is profitability.

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    success is when your making atleast 2000$/week profit
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