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    External DNS Service???


    I just setup a server with webmin & virtualmin on my personal network, with my ISP...

    My ISP only gives me 1 IP address, so i think in order to use domain name, i gatta use a external DNS service?

    Keep in mind, my Internet is behind a Broadband Router, so i am using Internal IP Addresses on my server. For example: eth0 is on, and eth0:1 is on

    How would i route a domain name to an internal IP address?

    Please Advise

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    There's lots of free external DNS hosts out there, being one of them. In order to route traffic to an internal host, you will need to set up port forwarding on your Broadband Router to forward all incoming traffic destined for port 80 to the internal address of your choice, where the server exists.

    There are guides on for various routers that will walk you through setting up the forwarding.

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    I have DMZ setup for the server on eth0 (

    That should forword all traffic to the server, but here my problem:

    all domain names would forword to the only ip address provided by my ISP... now lets say i have 2 virtual hosts, ", and", each account is on a different Internal IP address, one is on, other is on, how would i make the domain names goto each of those internal IP address, to be able to display the correct website?

    For example: goes to and goes to

    Please Advise.

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    nevermind, ill just use shared IP address...

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