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    Thumbs down Poor Pegasus Web Technology


    I am a hosting reseller and I do not know if this company has a problem with us but one thing I know is that we are paying good money to them.
    I really have a very terrible experienced with them, since they always do server troubleshooting without notice and the only thing that you will realize is that all your customers are mad on your service, since the server is down and take note not for a short time.

    The short time for Pegasus is 1-hr or more.
    I have clients who has online store and this is causing very much inconvenience on them (same with me).
    If you ask them whats the problem they will usually reply. "We are checking that".
    The very un-believable experienced was when they shutdown all the servers due to their UPS.

    They said that the UPS was not able to respond immediately and that is the reason why all the servers went down.
    I'm still hosted to them as of this very moment while I'm doing this review but I will be moving to different provider in 1-week.
    If you want to see some evidence of their performance, please feel free to email me at [email protected]
    I have screenshot of my whois that they are my provider and i have all the downtime records.

    My rating to them 2/10.
    Poor reliability with their resellers.

    Actually it is fair they also shutdown their website and not just us.

    Poor Pegasus Web Technology - BEWARE! DON'T EVER ATTEMPT TO SUBSCRIBE!

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    i guess it's not their fault, we've got a couple of boxes with them and pretty much happy with their services, it's ur provider (the server owner) whoz slow in taking care of their servers.

    you should take a look at the reseller offers here in the forum before going for a server urself, if you dont need it!

    jus an advise for you

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    I hope you read my review with them. I don't think that we are the one who should manage the power supply. what do you think?

    Secondly, I already bypass my reseller and contact their tech support and they are admitting their fault.

    Not the mention, that I even ask the explanation of their VP on this matter and after that. The problem is fix.

    In short this guys need some hard hammering before they wake up and do their job properly.

    Having 5hrs downtime after the UPS issue is not acceptable. Is this acceptable to you? I don't think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by batotoy
    . . . Secondly, I already bypass my reseller and contact their tech support and they are admitting their fault.
    I'm sure your supplier and Pwebtech are pleased about that. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    You're referring to the massive power outage they had last week.

    They didn't "shut down all of their servers". They lost power for about an hour because a UPS failed. We're not talking about a small $40 UPS that you can get at Best Buy. The UPS is one from Leibert that costs 10s of 1000s of dollars. Yet, guess what? They managed to get Leibert techs in and repair the unit within about an hour...and they had Leibert bring a BRAND NEW one to the datacenter, just in case.

    I'd say that earns them some well deserved kudos.

    It sounds like your reseller apparently didn't tell you that if your server didn't come back up after the outage, it was not the fault of the power outage. In that case it was a result of your server config not being set to recover accordingly. Out of the 20+ servers we have with them, only one failed to recover when the power went back on and (just like in your case) it was our own fault.

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    It's always amusing to read about UPSes failing at this or that datacenter. I have no love for Pegasus or Fortress or whatever they're calling themselves this year, but even if I did I'd be asking what testing routines they do on the equipment. My guess, based on my previous experience with their lack of proactive measures in some areas, is that they, like others, do none or only when it springs into their mind that it's been awhile. Having Liebert out in an hour is not a big step on their part, and does not impress me: a service SLA is part of every standard contract if the signer is not a complete idiot.

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