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    * Image Hosting Site For Sale

    I began this image hosting site a while back and I was never able to finish working on it due to time restraints. Below is a link to an image of the stats:

    The Alexa Ranking is as follows:

    I am entertaining serious offers. Please post offer here or pm me.

    The site url is

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    Do many people use your website?
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    There are quite a few. I can not honestly give you an exact figure. The script is custom coded. It is used a lot on some image forums. I have seen one site that uses it and they are quite a heavy loaded site.

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    i don't see no point. u can upload image into imageshack why do u want ur own image hosting site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsilwal
    i don't see no point. u can upload image into imageshack why do u want ur own image hosting site?

    You can place your own ads and make money off of an image hosting site. There are tons of people that do it.

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    i see ur point but i see no point of making another image hosting site. when thr are tons of them around the net.

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    I see no point in having any other webhosting forums since we have WHT. I see no point in using any other operating software since we have Windows.

    Just because ImageShack is the largest and most well known, doesn't mean everyone wants to use it. I run a image hosting site and it has about 1000 users and 10000 or so images. People sign up almost daily.

    Would do much better if I promoted it or allowed non-registered uploads.

    I use if for my own images because I have total control of it. Thats another reason to run one.

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    lol i see u point again but if tht was me i won't have an image hosting site thats because there are tons of them.

    well everyone is different so other ppl might want it. so good luck with this

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    I don't see a point in you randomly coming in here and trolling this guys post.
    Did you really register an account to do this?

    Don't understand, Don't like it, Just say nothing

    As long as your profit is higher than your expenses it practically free money. That's why you would open an image hosting site.

    Still don't understand?
    Maybe your in the wrong community.

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    I agree. I do not understand why you would come in this thread just to bash it. It makes no sense to me. Oh well. Thank you guys for backing me up. This site is still for sale and I am still accepting offers.

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