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Thread: load problem.

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    load problem.

    there is ofen suden a high load of my server..and the server becames slow.

    but i have check

    Apache Status
    CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage

    all are normal

    who can tell me what casuse it??
    how to find wich account cause the problem??

    i use cpanel

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    well if your using linux run top take a screenshot and post it..

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    upss...sorry wrong replies...

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    What Linux Kernel are you running?
    Kernel 2.6.9-22 specifically can cause unusually high loads in certain circumstances.

    There could be a lot of things wrong. Any more info (running processes, mysql process lists, etc...) that you can post here would help those of us on the forums determine what the problem is.

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    You will need to get the top output while the issues are happening.

    Add a script like this to /usr/bin/


    top -b -n 1 >> $LOGFILE

    Make it executable, then add a crontab entry to run it every 5 minutes (for example):
    0-55/5 * * * * /bin/sh /usr/bin/

    Once this is done you can look through the logs of the times when the load was high and only paste the top output from those times.

    If there isn't enough information after this output, you may need to get a copy of /proc/*/status to check the process states/memory usage, etc... with vmstat output.

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    My server keeps on turning itself off and i can't get on sometimes

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