Hello, My name is Brian Hornung.

I cannot release many details here, please forgive me, but, if there is a C++ developer interested in working on a project with a very dedicated and talented team -- a project that's going to be VERY popular and interesting -- please contact me as soon as possible.

This is a custom AIM client, using AOL's newly released SDK for AIM, so, you will need to be able to work with that. The secret's in what the client does, of course. I will only release details and information to the person (persons) that I find trustworthy and willing.

If you work with us on this, you will not regret it. What will be created will be so well known, respected, and used, it'll make your other projects look like yesterday's trash.

Serious inquiries and dedicated people only, please!

Contact me via AIM: 'extremevintage'
Or E-mail: 'brianhornung 9at9 vintagehost.net'