HP DL 385
1 x dual-core AMD Opteron @ 2.2Ghz (upgradable to 2 x)
6 x 10k SCSI 72.8GB RAID5
Intergrated Lights out management
300GB BGP bandwidth
Bonded 1000mbit port (Cisco 3750G's)
5 IP's - more subject to RIPE
APC reboot port
99.999% uptime on hardware, network AND websites - or no invoice
Full traffic stats per day/week/month/year
Unlimited DNS and reverse DNS
Fedora 4/CentOS

Setup 300
12 months 300 per month (paid quarterly)

Setup 250
24 months 250 per month (paid quarterly)

Setup 200
36 months 200 per month (paid quarterly)

Servers hosted in Redbus Meridian Gate, London Docklands connected to our ALL Cisco,
ALL Gigabit BGP network via Level3, MFN and Telia. All servers feature our
"director" service for 99.999% availability on your websites - even
when your servers are down !

Servers custom to your exact requirements, please contact us for a quote.

We specialize in zero-downtime high quality hosting - or no invoice.

FULL management starting from 200 per month.

Network availability and performance independently monitored by siteimprove

For further information, email [email protected]


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