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    DEHE Windows VPS

    Review of DEHE Windows VPS

    Reasons to signup
    1. Managed Windows VPS
    2. Not very costly $50-$60
    3. Good reviews on WHT (in fact it was mixed reviews but I looked for good ones)
    4. Shared Web hosting was not sufficient

    I started with Starter VPS - 256MB RAM and 10 GB disk space but moved to business plan (384MB RAM) in 3 days because of RAM issues. I was assuming that they have brustable RAM but I was wrong.

    Before I migrated my website the support was prompt, I had install cygwin (for Rsync and SSH) and was having issues making it to run.
    Their support staff helped me and after 1 day they resolved the issue after consulting from SWSoft.

    Starting Feb 27, I was having problems with my shared webhost, my site went down. I had to change my website code and then it went down again, so I decided to migrate to the VPS because I had already bought it.
    But my migration wasn't planned. I thought I should be able to do it overnight and my website should be back up next morning.

    So started the migration, with a little help from DEHE staff (I did not require it for transferring the files). When I had to setup the IIS Website and domain name, SMTP server and all the real TECHNICAL (Windows Admin) stuff,
    I was relying on DEHE support staff. I had changed my nameservers to point to my new VPS.

    But my website did not come back up for almost 2 days.
    I found that DEHE support staff was there and prompt but not very knowledgeable and turaround time to resolve the problem was very poor (nothing against them, I am still hosting with them
    and hope they can prove me wrong).

    I must appreciate that they helped me a LOT to setup the domain, DNS, IIS and Mail server but that is main reason I choose them over others.

    But when it came to crunch situations, they were not that efficient as I had hoped.

    To all DEHE staff, please take this review in sportive spirit,
    I am still hosting with you guys and have 2-3 outstanding issues.
    I have nothing against you guys but this whole week has been very bad for my website.
    My business has affected because of all this.

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    I don't know how this happend with your VPS. I am having a VPS with him since last 6 months and I had some problems in starting but they were resolved on time. There was a problem related with crash of OS which took extra time but was resolved same day and DEHE staff was with me, even they had a chat session with me.

    I do not have anything to say about these guys. I am having a windows box in another datacenter and there was some issue with that. I asked them and they provided good instructions to resolve my issue.

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    ipiscan can you let me know the ticket ID in which this issue was discussed with our staff?

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    Ticket Ids for DEHE

    I do not intend to discuss my tickets on this Forum but just posting ticket number to show the genuinety of my review.

    Open Ticket FTP issue
    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: VLA-60061
    Tracking URL:
    Department: DEHE_Support
    Created On: 02 Mar 2006 07:45 PM
    Last Update: 04 Mar 2006 02:50 PM
    Status: Open

    I having serious RAM issues, I had upgraded my VPS to Business plan and
    still having issues so need to upgrade it to 512MB RAM.
    It is urgent for me because my site crashes because of "Out of memory" error.
    Your support has forwarded the ticket to billing, which has not replied yet.
    I was paying $25 on the shared plan and moved to VPS assuming the cost to be doubled to $50.
    But now I am paying $109, which is 4 times more and I am still not very happy.

    I have some other resolved tickets which took more time than expected.

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    Dear Sir,

    You are currently under our "Business" plan with 384 MB of RAM allocated to your VPS. At this very moment, your VPS is using 280 MB of RAM. Also, your website is working without a problem at this very moment, hence I can only conclude that at certain times there are peaks which cause VPS to run out of RAM.

    I haven't noticed these memory peaks yet, and I would first like to take a look at the VPS when it shows the "Out of memory" error, but at this moment I don't think an upgrade is really necessary.
    Have a question?

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    Thanks Milovan

    Hi Milovan,

    I am running a Photo printing website and the memory peaks can be seen, when my users try to upload 9-10 large files (2 MB or more). And I also running MSDE on that box, which also consumes significant amount of RAM along with ASP.NET process. I ran perfmon and the peak memory W3WP (ASP.NET) used was 170MB and for SQL it was 71MB. But these are not the only 2 processes that are running on my VPS.
    What I would like to do is disable or shutdown some of the non required processes and save any RAM I can.

    Is it possible that I buy a just a Email hosting plan from some other host and run my mail server from there.

    I saw the mail from your support that you have asked to "hold" the upgrade.
    I appreciate your involvement in the issues I am having.

    And again, I do not have issues with your support response and agree that they are prompt but it is just that for all the issues I had so far they seem to be less knowledgeable or efficient in resolving those.


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    Update on my experience with DEHE -

    I have cancelled my account with DEHE after having 3 unsatisfied months with them. I had all sorts of problem with them and had cancelled my account.

    But they are still charging my credit card for 2 months even after I have cancelled my account.

    Please stay away from them.

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    Just try contacting them requesting a credit for the recent charges if you indeed cancelled with them when you say you did. I'm sure they'll take care of you.
    ~Jeff - Advanced Virtual Private Servers
    Managed Windows 2003 and Xen Linux VPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by monfield
    Just try contacting them requesting a credit for the recent charges if you indeed cancelled with them when you say you did. I'm sure they'll take care of you.
    I have actually PM'ed him several times already requesting information about what happened and to date he still didn't provide any information about who he is, because I have no way of telling that just based on his nickname.

    We're more than willing to work things out for him, it's just a minor billing issue from the sounds of it, but we can't solve a problem if we don't even know who he is.

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    I have only got 1 PM from Andre after my last post. So please do not use "SEVERAL". Btw, I have replied to you PM.

    I have said the same thing in my previous post and in reply to your PM. It is not just the billing issue. I was NOT HAPPY and SATISFIED with your service and support. I think it was horrible. My VPS was down so many time, almost once-twice every week because of no reason.

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