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    it was my first time to check VPS (last times I used only dedicated)

    i selected windows VPS for making VPN between my comp and Internet

    but selction of - was BIG mistake!

    starting from second week every day at 9 am (based on their time) my VPS got down

    and their support answered me on "CRITICAL" ticket after 3-5 hours!

    i hope you will not make my mistake

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    I've been with for almost a month now with a windows vps and have not experienced any problems like this thusfar....and 3-5 hours response on a support ticket is pretty good in my opinion when my last provider would take over 24 hours just to send a reply. Just my .02 cents.
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    they answered - but server is still down
    12 hours
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    server is up
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    I'll add my 2 cents too. My experience with VPSLand is that my emergency ticket was answered and resolved in under half an hour - and this was a ticket submitted at 2:30am my time.
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    1 month ago , i order a linux vps , 3 days pass , more than (70 hours ) ,
    i got a welcome mail .. ok .
    i use them , because their site say : "All plans enjoy hosting on Advanced Dell Hardware .... duel Xeon ..... " ..

    and when i login to the panel , check the system info , it just a P4 machine , and i ask them why , they told me "the server is best , light load .. so , it would be better for you .... "

    so , i drop my account .

    what a suck company !!
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    Vores, did they tell you what happened to your VPS and why it took so long to bring it back up?
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  8. #8 is ok hoster

    i got 25 bucks 256 ram VPS win2003...
    support response is ok, sometimes from 10 minutes up to a day

    but i am having a problem with VPN server, cant build it on VPS .... but i guess it is a problem of all VPSs
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    Very slow support response time

    I'm having the same problem with vpsland. Haven't had much downtime (luckily), but when I did have (and when I don't) - their support is probably the most irresponsive, slow and unfriendly I've come across. i've been with shared hosting providers (paying less than $5 a month) who were much quicker to respond and much friendlier than vpsland. I'm in the process of moving away from them
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    Still not the worst out there

    As anyone here who has tried WHP they will tell you that vpsland is not the worst. At least they answered your ticket. I have been trying to get ahold of WHP for a full refund of my payment for the past week, and yet they have refused to get back to me. I have called there support number, and left them a number to get back to me (which is toll free so they cant use that as a good excuse) multiple emails to them, and more. They outright refuse. So at least getting a response back from them is more the WHP does.

    Sorry for posting this here, just had to get it off my chest that VPSLAND isnt the worst one out there.

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    My experience so far.

    I ordered a vps With VPSland and here is my experience with them:

    Hello Michel Tremblay,
    Your invoice XXX-XXXX in the amount of $22.50 has been processed and payment applied.

    Thank you,
    Generated by, LLC

    SO I paid Already for that VPS. It's now 21:40 2 days later I ordered. So more than 50 houres after my order have been placed. still no news.

    I've opened a ticket:

    Posted On: 07 May 2006 01:51 PM

    I ordered a WIndows VPS more than 36 houres ago. I would like to know if
    it will be ready today.
    Michel Tremblay
    Rent Game Canada inc.
    Still No news neither...

    I wonder when this thing will be ready..

    Michel Tremblay VP
    Rent Game Canada inc.
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    Addon for last post

    I forgot to say I ordered the VPS on: Date: Fri, May 5, 2006 18:59
    Still No news.

    Michel Tremblay
    Rent Game Canada inc.
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    Apr 2005
    May be their Sales Department offline on weekends...
    Kind regards
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    If they are not working on the weekend they should specify it that if you order on weekend the order time would be longer. On their faq It only say 24 to 48 houre.. No exception about anything..

    Lets see maybe tomorrow..

    Michel Tremblay VP
    Rent Game Canada inc.
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    Nov 2004
    Silicon Valley
    Did you open a sales or a support ticket?
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