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    How much traffic needed to make $$?

    This is another curiosity question.

    I see a lot of people running forum websites.
    A lot of them run forums out of personal interests.
    Also, I see a lot of them trying to make money with banner ads & google...

    How much visitors do you have to have in order to make:
    $x.00 - 1 figure profit a month.
    $xx.00 - 2 figure profit a month.
    $xxx.00 - 3 figure profit a month.
    $x,xxx.00 - 4 figure profit a month.

    I know the figure would vary.

    I am only asking for ball-park figures. just an idea to satisfy my curiosity.
    Real live example would be interesting also.

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    out of google adsense i use to make a 2 figure profit a month from 200 uniques/month.

    With adsense it does not really depend on the number on visitors always, as another forum getting 200 uniques/month could be making a 3 figure profit a month it all depends on the users and how the google ads are placed.

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