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    $20 Dreamhost Gift Certificate

    I would like to sell this $20 dreamhost gift certificate ( got for being a customer for one year. I recently quit hosting my website their due to my lack of furter interest in running a website. Other than that, I would like to sell this gift certificate.

    I have a paypal personal account so I can only accept paypal money please.

    Starting bid is $15
    Buyout at $20

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    The Dreamhost free hosting is well known (atleast I hope so). A simple search on Google will give you the proper (and still working!) coupon codes to get free 1 year hosting.

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    Never heard of Dreamhost giving away a free year of hosting. Did a Google I doing it wrong? Please give me a keyword or something, I would love to take advantage of a free year with DreamHost.

    Thanks Carol

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    I never knew of such a thing eather...

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    Go to the dreamhost support forums alot of people are advertising it on their own forums.

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