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    Question Transfer from GeoCities to GoDaddy... DOMAIN TRANSFER FAILED ???

    Trying to transfer a domain from GeoCities to GoDaddy...

    --- GeoCities says: ---
    Yahoo!'s partnership with Melbourne IT allows us to provide you
    with all the tools you need to maintain your domain yourself from
    your Domain Control Panel.


    The domain at GeoCities is NOT locked, and I see no way to make
    inactive ... via the GeoCities Domain Control Panel...

    --- but, GoDaddy says: ---
    DOMAIN TRANSFER FAILED - Status Not Valid...
    the current status of the above domain name(s) is:
    Domain names in this status cannot be transferred.
    Please contact your current registrar to resolve this issue.


    What's next? I've sent email to -at- but yahoo is notoriously a black hole...
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    From ...

    Quote Originally Posted by boylan13

    "DOMAIN TRANSFER FAILED - Status Not Valid."

    In the body of the notification messages, it says:

    "the current status of the above domain name is:

    Domain names in this status cannot be transferred. Please contact your current registrar to resolve this issue."


    Looks like a similar problem... But that one is inconclusive... I wonder how it got resolved...
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    when did you register or renew your domain name on geocities?
    Kind regards

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    It was registered on Nov 30, 2005 with GeoCities ...

    GoDaddy is processing the switch on day 61 ...

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    ... and it was GoDaddy's transfer system that sent me the email today that said I could initiate the transfer.

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    I guess we need to wait another day and try it again. Could be the 60/61 day bug at GoDaddy?

    I thought they should have fixed that by now...

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    If you check the Registry of that extension, what does its status say?

    Chances are just give it some time, 24 hours more or less.

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    With some of my godaddy names it tooks a few tries to eventually get them out.

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    Tried again today, same result...

    Status: ACTIVE

    But the GoDaddy transfer won't go.

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    System seems configured to be automatically denying the transfers as seen on many other domain registrars. The main purpose is to discourage unauthorized transfers but sometimes it is also used to get a hold on to customers. Try requesting Yahoo/Geocities to allow the transfer from their system. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    OK, maybe it was the 60/61/62 day bug with GoDaddy...

    The request finally got processed on day 62...

    Now, it should work...


    GoDaddy now says:

    Domain Transfer Details


    Status Description:
    A transfer request for this domain has been submitted to your current registrar. We are waiting for approval. This process should be completed in 5-7 business days. You will be notified by email when the approval is received. Please check with your current registrar for more information.


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    I thought you couldn't transfer domains from Yahoo...or is this with brand new names?

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    You cannot transfer TO you can however transfer AWAY
    Domain Maven

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    I transfer many name to godaddy, most take like three to for days

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    Just make sure the name is not locked. Godaddy has the smoothest transfer system around

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