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Thread: RAID questions

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    RAID questions

    Is it possible to hook up an external HD (FireWire/USB) to a server while running other hard drives in a RAID so that I can use the external one to back up my web/db directories?

    If possible what I want to do is do weekly backup to the external HD and then once a month go to the DC my server is located and swamp the external HD for another one and keep the one I just pulled at my office. Rinse and repeat once a month. Yes sounds kinda paranoid but I'll be getting a dedicated server and have no desire to deal with any user data loss. Having the customers wait a day or two for a restore I can deal with but not if I lose any data.

    How about keeping a clone server with the exact same specs as my main hosting server which I update with the data from the backup drive and keep at my office. If the main one goes I just go into the dc and swamp it out for the clone.


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    yes, its possible. Almost anything is 'possible'. Keeping a clone in your office is also possible. But if you are going to do that, why not just keep a clone in teh DC?
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    Normally for crucial servers, I kept a hot spare, an identical server with hotswap, so any problem just need to swap over the hard disks. For normal times, that server serve as a backup server.

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