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    Question Budget Colocation in DC Area


    I'm looking for colocation in the DC area for a 1-2U rackmount server.

    The server will be used for Non-profit websites and services [web blog, friend sites, etc].
    I'd perfer ~1000 GB bandwidth a month on a 10-100 Megabit connection.
    And 24/7/365 [or at least resonable] physical access to my server.
    And since I'm on a budget, I'd like the cost to be under $80 monthly [self managed by the way].
    [Allowed IRC perferable, a small [under 50 users] net, and a few bots]

    I've searched around a bit, but haven't found much within my budget, so I thought I'd post here, see if anyone else has any luck/offers.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Budget... Value Bandwidth comes to mind. Also maybe

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    As far as I'm aware, PTP also allows IRC.

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