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    Unhappy Rack911 haven't responded in over a week! What's going on Steven?

    I emailed Rack911 about a week ago saying I wanted to join up for the $40 per month admin service. Steven replied saying it would be answered on Monday. Got nothing for days and days, i've sent numerous emails, nothing. I thought Rack911 were one of the best, but now I'm not so sure.

    Steve I know you frequent this forum, which is why I wanted to join. Whats going on? More than 1 week to reply to a person <b>wanting to give you money</b>. I don't get it.

    Anyone else experienced this with Rack911? Thanks,

    Hostex Australia
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    This is common for Steve to just go AWOL. Go ahead and search and you'll see this isn't the first time. He could be making a lot more money if he could get his communication issues under control.
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