Ok, I'm pretty new at this, so please don't flame.Introduction:My goal is to serve .wml pages from my webServer running Windows Server 2003. I have set the appropriate global MIME types (well, they were already configured for me by default). I have opened port 81 on my router to serve as the WML server. I have 2 webServices running now. One for general HTTP requests, and the other for WML requests. The WML site points to a particular directory where my index.wml file is located. It is configured to utilize port 81.If I am correct, this is all I have to do. (but there's a problem)When I type my IP into the mobile browser (openwave) eg. cul8r.myip.org:81, I get: Error 502 Bad Gateway.What's my problem? The phone is a motorola i850 and the service provider is Telus....if any of that matters. Do I need a WAP Gateway running on my server?, or does the server act as the wap gateway? I'm confused.Also, if it's not too much trouble, could someone explain the topology of serving WML pages to cell phones and mobile devices to me? Thanx
*edit I would like to add that the wml page I'm trying to serve works in my openwave simulator.