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    Free Poker

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a decent free poker site that allows the creation of private games. I'm trying to teach my fiancee, but Yahoo sux and PokerStars doesn't seem to allow a 1 on 1 game.

    Thanks guys.

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    You can try, I am certain you can create private rooms.

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    Most places won't allow the same IP to run on the site. Absolute Poker is okay, it is free, but not for 1 on 1., Superb Cpanel Web Hosting.
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    I've been playing on

    Buy her a book!

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    or buy a deck of cards and show her in real life.....maybe you guys can bet using clothes or something ;D

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    Most rooms wont let you play if your on the same network like someone said.

    I don't know if any rooms allow hold em one on one because they make a little bit of money on each game played and not many people want one on one rooms so I think it will be hard even getting a paid 1 on 1 room.

    Why dont you just go to a room with a lot of free tables and find one that doesn't have any players on it?

    I'm playing on right now and theres about 8 tables with no players in them.
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