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    $800.00 - KissMyA**.com - Website DESIGN request. [HIGH-END designers only. PLEASE]

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for an entertainment website for my domain KissMyA**.com

    What I will need in short is:

    1.) Logo
    2.) Web Design/coded.
    3.) Subpages/Misc. Buttons/images throughout the site.
    4.) vB customization/add quick skin so the forum matches main page.
    5.) Once backend is found/implement the design with the script.

    Pay: $800.00

    Or just suggest a great designer via PM, who has done an amazing site: $25.00 paypal.

    This design request has been posted several times, obviously with to no avail. However after two unsatisfactory attempts, from two designers (one actually running off with my down payment) I've decided to pay this amount in efforts of getting a higher-end designer. For what I would consider a "pretty easy" job, time-wise. Thus, I expect ALL those who are interested have an impressive design portfolio. Hopefully most know if they're up to par or not, and will save their time.

    I just do not want to waste anyone's time. I merely need to get this domain off the ground after months worth of delays, and have no time to hold a designers hand/explain why I do not like his design. Great designers get it done, regardless of what is explained. In no way I'm trying to offend anyone, just ready to get this moving.

    Thank you. I await your responses.

    Take care all,
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    I can do some things for you.

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    No sir, you're not what I had in mind.

    Good luck & all the best.

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    Ok...... thanks.

    G'd luck.

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    check out mine portfolio @

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    Since the internet is my backyard and web design my expertise, I have found this project very interesting.
    Take your time to browse trough my portfolio located at

    Kind regards,

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    I think I'm up for the challenge...

    I don't have a portfolio online now that is presentable, but if you PM me (barring you're interrested) I'd be more than happy to send you some of my uploaded work.

    I'm sure you understand.

    What kind of coding is involved? Any type of back end or misc. stuff I should know about?


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